The Three Hour Wait (14dp1dt)

I am sad I posted such a negative post yesterday. Now I am not feeling negative, I am not feeling positive, I am just ANXIOUS and on PINS AND NEEDLES!  I just want to know, either way, so I can go on with my life. They took my blood at 8:30 (Pacific time) this morning and I should get a call by Noon-1pm. I will post immediately when I find out!

I had a HUGE distraction the last two days. TW’s sister e-mailed him basically telling us that her daughter (almost 18, stripper type dangly belly-ring, tattoo “whore stamp”, tons of make-up, HUGE boobs that she shows off every minute of every day, smokes pot, gets drunk, hangs out with gangsters) is MOVING IN WITH US for two years. WTF? She didn’t ask us, she just TOLD us. Oh – and she didn’t tell ME, she only told TW. I went so ballistic, I am surprised that China didn’t think there was another earthquake! TW is so non-confrontational, he didn’t know what to do. I was so scared he was going to cave. SIL even had the gall to tell him that if he didn’t agree to it, HE was ruining their relationship forever. She tried to convince us that the daughter “is a good girl”, evidenced by the fact that she always comes home by her 1am curfew. I am sorry but a 1am curfew would not work with our lifestyle! And do I want to share my brand new house the minute we move in? I THINK NOT. There are so many things wrong with this scenario that I don’t even know where to start, or how to end.

Supposedly (SIL is a big liar) they are in financial trouble and they want TW’s niece to move in with us to go to junior college by our house. So that they don’t have to support her. WTF!!! If this was truly the case, and they had half a brain, they would have called a family meeting to plead their case. And we would have had time to think about it, and they would have understood whether we said “yes” or “no”. But this is not how it played out. They just did it via e-mail. The e-mail basically had a move-in date, the date of her JC orientation, and the first day of class. We were totally blind sided. Then SIL had the nerve to say, “OH! I thought this was already all worked out!” when TW said it was the first he heard of it. In any event, TW stood his ground. And SIL tried to manipulate him and guilt him and play every trick in the book. TW called his dad, and luckily his dad was totally on my side and told TW that he should not do it. And he didn’t cave (most likely because I told him I would hire a divorce lawyer if the little b**** moved in with us!). If she is so great, why doesn’t SIL want her around anymore? Anyway, I really didn’t need this stress during my 2WW. But it sure did take my mind off the impending beta! And if you ask me, ruining the relationship between us and SIL is an added bonus.


8 Responses to “The Three Hour Wait (14dp1dt)”

  1. Becky Says:

    Okay, I’m on pins and needles too.

  2. Elle Says:

    We all have them… family that want to dump their children on us when they have had enough! My half-brother’s wife tried to do the same when I was a teen to my parents, then did do it years later as my half-brother is an alcholic and couldn’t have them. ANyway, don’t do it is what say. Your SIL shouldn’t get away with it.

    I am anxiously waiting your news 🙂 *****fingers & toes crossed******

  3. Shawna Says:

    OMG, I am so glad that y’all said no. I can’t think of anything worse. I hve one of those nieces. I can’t wait to hear back from your doctor. I am praying for you.

  4. Joonie Says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed for your Beta!

  5. Me Says:

    That BS would so not fly with me. No way, no how. Teenagers suck! Teenagers who can drive ESPECIALLY suck!

  6. kim Says:

    Eagerly waiting!

  7. Pam Says:

    I’m glad he found a way to say no and that his Dad is on your side. There’s no way any of that would have gone over at my house.

  8. amber Says:

    OMG! So happy you stood your ground and made TW stand his. Unbelievable! I have a teenager and man I can wait for him to leave but I would NEVER force him onto anyone (other than his own mom…when is he going to take him back?…I’m done)

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