My boobs aren’t even the bit sore anymore. And all the veins that I saw (or may have seen) are gone. Hope is slipping away…

Last night at the grocery store, I found a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling wine. Yeah. It tasted as gross as it sounds. I dumped the whole thing down the drain after a glass. I would rather go without!


7 Responses to “11dp1dt”

  1. Elle Says:

    I’m getting the same boob oddity going on. Yesterday they hurt, today they totally didn’t. Weird!

  2. kim Says:

    I say get a BIG ice cream sundae, or a real milkshake. Who needs alcohol when you can have chocolate, ya know?

    But I’m still hopeful for you… hang in there!

  3. Becky Says:

    I’m still hoping. I’ve not had a single pregnancy symptom before 6 weeks with any of them. Seriously.

  4. Kahla Says:

    I never had any symptoms other than cramping, so don’t give up! Thinking lots of positive thoughts for you!

  5. missedconceptions Says:

    This is the WORST part of the tww, isn’t it? Trying not to think about it only makes it worse, but flat out obsessing about it makes you crazy.

    I always got sore boobs with PMS, so I never trusted that particular symptom.

    You are so strong for not testing — I would be peeing on everything and anything right now if I were you!

  6. seriously? Says:

    No doom and gloom! I am staying positive for you.

    I agree eat some chocolate!

  7. Nese72 Says:

    I had embryo transfer on 7/7 (1st ivf had both tubes removed in may due to hydrosalpinges in both) and I have to admit this TWW stinks. My BBs were so swollen and sore and today nothing. I am getting so bummed because I just don’t feel any differentm Here wishing you a BFP and that your BBs not being sore are a blessing since we all know how painful that is just to move to heavily.

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