Gosh, I really don’t have much to report. The house is coming along, lots of little details to take care of. The contractor says he thinks we will be done on August 15th. That is SIX WEEKS from now! OMG. TW is a total nightmare project manager. I told him yesterday that I am ripping the landscaping project out of his dirty hands immediately. I keep telling him that the first words out of his mouth should be our measily budget. We have a gorgeous set of landscape plans, and the estimate was for $125,000. That is not happening right now. So I keep telling him that when he talks to landscapers, he should show them the plans, tell them our budget and say we are going to do this in phases. The ultimate goal is to end up with our landscaping looking just like the plans. But for now, we will live with what we can afford…focusing on the front yard for ‘curb appeal’. For some reason TW refuses to do this. Instead, he shows the plans to the landscapers and doesn’t say a peep. So they think we have deep pockets and come back with these exorbitant estimates. Our street address is deceiving. Yes, there are lots of wealthy people on our block, but we don’t fit that description!!! I am sure that these landscapers assume that we can just write a huge check without batting an eye. Anyway, I am very frustrated because if the house is going to be done in 6 weeks, we really need to get a move on. Oh…and yesterday TW said he picked pavers for our driveway. I did a calculation, and if we used those pavers, we would have a $60,000 driveway. OMG. He needs to take elementary school math again.

Oh — my contractor saw me get pulled over! I am so mortified. The next time I saw him, he greeted me with, “Hey Fugitive”. Then he start laughing hysterically. I know he is never going to let me live this one down. I also saw one of the kids who bags my groceries ride his bike by – he looked right at me. Note to self: Don’t get pulled over in the neighborhood!

Ugh. I am 8dp1dt. Shouldn’t I feel SOMETHING? Anything? I called my clinic b/c the progesterone is driving me nuts. I feel like I have the worst yeast infection I have ever had (except this happens each cycle, so I know it is the suppositories). The clinic said my only other option is PIO IM injections. I politely declined. I will deal with the bajingo bullets thank you very much.

PT is going to her mom’s for three whole weeks tomorrow. Is it horrible that I look forward to this time of year? Three whole weeks without PT is heaven. I know that TW hates it, but I love the break. I am not even going to feel guilty.

Yesterday I went to acupunture…I love it. I wish I was a bajillionaire so I could go every day. She was so cute…I told her that TW is convinced I am pregnant. When she asked me why, I said, ‘Probably because I am such a bitch all the time’. And you know what she said? She said she cannot imagine me being a bitch – ever. I guess she doesn’t know me all that well! But it gave me the warm fuzzies. And then I told her how wrong she is.

We have no plans for the 4th. Just how I like it. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend! 6 more days until beta!


6 Responses to “8dp1dt”

  1. Becky Says:

    I’ve never felt pregnant right away. NEVER. It’s always been after 6 or so weeks.

  2. kim Says:

    I agree, the suppositories suck. The only way to really get through it is to just ‘ignore’ down there for a while. Pay no attention to how gross it feels, give it no thought, etc. The whole area of your body. Like pretending you don’t have a foot, ya know? I am such a clean freak when it comes to my body, and I just really had to ignore that my vajayjay even existed to get through it.

    And I agree, TW is absolutely insane.

  3. Brandygirl Says:

    I love acupunture too! It really does relax the mind, though you have needles on your forehead!

    Sending you positive vibes your way.

  4. Lub Says:

    Enjoy your vacay from your step daughter. You deserve a little time for yourself! Good luck with all of the house plans!

  5. kona Says:

    You are more than halfway past the 2WW! Hang in there. Sounds like your house is coming along fast. Exciting!! I bet you can’t wait to get back in there and enjoy the new space. Enjoy the break from PT. 😉 Have a happy 4th!!

  6. missedconceptions Says:

    I am checking back every day, even though I know your beta is not for a few more days. I am so hoping that this is the magic cycle!

    I didn’t feel pregnant until weeks 5 or 6 in all my pregnancies, when the puking began.

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