I got my first moving violation today. PT was with me in the car. When I said “moving violation” she got all concerned like it was a SUPER serious thing, like I was going to go to jail. Amazingly, I wasn’t chatting on my cell phone for the first time ever (the new law goes into effect today). But I did roll through a stop sign. We were on our way to pick up Sutter Puppy from the vet. He spent the night — SO SAD. I tried to use it as an excuse, when the cop asked me why I went through the stop sign, I said I was very concerned for my dog, and we were on our way to get him from the vet. I thought he would give me a warning but unfortunately I got a ticket. On-line traffic school – HERE I COME!

Yesterday TW and I were on our way to play ball with the dog. The dog started licking his chops and making this really funny face…I just knew he was going to barf. Then his stomach started doing that ‘pumping’ thing that dogs do. I yelled, “PULL OVER” but TW is so slow on the uptake, he didn’t pull over and the dog barfed all over the seat of the car. So we turned around and I cleaned up the mess…and we tried one more time. You know dogs…they barf and then they act like nothing happened — and it is even a bigger bonus if they get to eat it (GROSS, I KNOW). Anyway, I cleaned up and we tried one more time. De ja vue. The dog did the exact same thing, and I yelled “PULL OVER!” again – TW failed to respond and the dog barfed all over the carpet in the car. WHAT IS WRONG WITH TW??? We got into a huge argument about it. He said that we couldn’t pull over because it is the bike lane and we can’t park there. We weren’t parking there, we were going to let our sick dog out of the car to barf outside. Anyway, there is no arguing with TW. We took him to the vet and the puppy ended up staying the night. $500 later he is home with a bottle of “Pepcid”. WOO HOO!

I am not even going to comment on symptoms…who knows if I have them or not. TW keeps telling me to stay positive for “the babies”. He is SO convinced that I am pregnant it is actually quite sweet. I wish his confidence would rub off on me. Two ladies on my IVF board heard today that their cycles failed. It really sucks donkey balls. We need some good news, people!


7 Responses to “6dp1dt”

  1. Pepper Says:

    Poor little puking puppy! Five hunnerd bucks for some Pepcid? For reals? Ouch!

    I’m thinking positive thoughts for you. When do you beta?

  2. kim Says:

    I agree. You’re doing a great job staying distracted, though.. with all of the dog barf and illegal maneuvers. I’m proud of you :O).

  3. Shawna Says:

    Yuck! I can think of nothing worse than cleaning up dog puke out of the back of a car. I am glad that everything is okay. I’m still praying for a positive!

  4. seriously? Says:

    I know the feeling of paying a lot at the vet for nothing. My little one seemed off and dehydrated, and she was just two weeks post surgery. Took her to the vet, and for $115 he told me she was “tired” from playing. Wow, I felt like an idtiot.

    I am still keeping positive thoughts. The good news will be yours.

  5. amber Says:

    I’m with you on the pulling over vs. illegal paring thing. Way to fold under pressure TW. I kid (sort-of).

    I’m glad to hear that TW is hopeful. My first IVF was the first time Mr. P “felt it”. He was disappointed when it didn’t work. And because I lack in compassion I was all, “Now you know how I felt all of our 15 iui cycles”.

    But I did feel better knowing that he was sad. Not in a sadistic way but in a “finally the man has an emotion” kind if way.

  6. Me Says:

    Sometimes I find the interactions between your you and TW to be interesting because they parallel mine with Zeno. Not necessarily the exact same situation… more like you two operate on very different planes of existance … and that failure to perceive the world in the same way is a big source of frustration. This probably sounds bad but I honestly sometimes wonder if that says something about our longterm viability? 😦

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