The 2WW is interminable, isn’t it? ALL I can think about is…what is happening down there. Is this or that a sign? Are the progesterone suppositories playing tricks on me (YES THEY ARE!). I am only 5 days post transfer and since mine was a one day transfer I am two days behind. I probably shouldn’t feel anything yet, and if I do, it is all in my head. My boobs are so sore it is crazy, but I always get this way after I start my supplements, and both times I had sore boobs during IVFs I got a BFN. So know it is nothing to get excited about.

I watched two movies this weekend: Juno and Knocked Up. Hmmm, notice a theme?

I joined Facebook. I didn’t think I would ever do Facebook or MySpace, but my friend J asked me to join so we could play scrabble on line. FUN! And I found all sorts of people from college and highschool and other eras of my life. I could surf around FB all day. There are some silly things which I find just amusing but it is really cool to see what people are up to. Of course, inevitably I have found MANY people from highschool have pictures of their kids on their profiles and it stings a little. Everyone is ahead of me.

Yesterday our new next door neighbor had a wine tasting party. We were happy and flattered to be invited so I went and got a nice potted plant to bring and I had been looking forward to it for days. It was supposed to start at 4pm and I hate being the first people there, so I thought we would go about 15 minutes late. Well…that was a bad idea because they were actually starting right at 4pm. The neighbor actually called us to see if we had forgotten! How embarrassing. So I sent TW running over there and I just had to throw some shoes on and put on some lipstick. When I walked over, I said I got “stuck in traffic” which got a huge laugh since we literally live next door. But when I was walking up the driveway, I saw this car with a sign on the side that said, “Wines at Home” or something like that. OH GOD. TW was going to kill me. It was not just a friendly wine tasting…it was a wine SELLING/BUYING party.

This always really pisses me off. I find it completely sneaky and deceitful. The invitation we got (phone message) said that the neighbors wanted to get to know us better and introduce us to some of their friends. He said that their friend is an artisan wine buyer and that we would get to taste some unusual wines. I love that kind of shit (although I knew I wouldn’t be partaking this time around), and thought TW would enjoy it too (even though he isn’t as much of a wine lover as I am). So we happily accepted the invitation.

It turned out to be just like a Tupperware or Avon or Pampered Chef party, except the products were wine, wine glasses, wine accessories and gifts. There were 6 wines to try (while I was sipping water) and there was high pressure to buy. Like, “If you purchase a case today, you will get free shipping!” or “If you join our wine club, you will get an extra bottle the first month!”. And she wanted us all to sign up to do a wine tasting party in our own homes. The “host” came to the house for $60, and brought the wine and glasses, while our neighbor provided the appetizers and invited the people. The wine chick was so loud and obnoxious, told horrible jokes, and was in our face. And poor TW is pretty reserved. And for some reason she was picking on him and he was just shrinking in his chair. And she kept coming up to him with food and trying to make him eat it while tasting the wine, calling him out, asking him questions — he had daggers in his eyes every time I looked at him. She was really aggressive. TW only liked (and when I say “like” it is pretty generous) one of the wines. The woman did manage to sell a few bottles to other people, but the whole experience was extremely annoying and disappointing. TW and I had a good laugh when we dumped all of her marketing material in the recycling bin once we got home. If you are going to hold one of these events — be honest. We felt completely duped. Here I was thinking that the neighbors wanted to get to know us, but it wasn’t like that at all. That sucks.


11 Responses to “5dp1dt”

  1. judibooty Says:

    Girl, You are not alone, I get a BETA-HCG test 7-6-08, all I have are cramps. I went to churh to meditate and this is my first IVF. Some people go numerous times, this 2 week wait is like agony. I just wonder will it happen? My first time GET REAL! Girl, I hate even being in this attitude. I love to move and forgot to tell my Sunday softball team. they hated my lousy playing before, now I just flaked on them (* and they would not even throw the softball to me, I got over that quick). Well Today will be so busy, I can’t think of baby(ies) anyways. LAW FIRM end of the month hurry up and do work YEAH i’m to busy to think ;o)

    I’ll pray for you, keep positive as always.

  2. Shawna Says:

    Ugh, my husband would have killed me. I don’t think that he would have been near as polite as yours. I think that he would have abruptly left, leaving me to fend for myself. I think that is so rude of your neighbor.

  3. kona Says:

    That was sneaky of your neighbors! I like some of those home/sales parties, but I want to know ahead of time what I’m in for. Been thinking of you & hope you are doing well in 2WW-Land. 😉

  4. seriously? Says:

    The 2ww sometimes feels like the 2mw (two month wait), it goes so slow. I hate, hate, hate those “parties” I always feel like I have to buy something. I have told my friends that it just isn’t in our budget so if I do come, I can’t buy anything. I think it is even sneakier that they didn’t at least give you a heads up that it was a home sales party and not an actual party. I guess since they called and didn’t send those awful post cards you were totally caught off guard. I would definately not be embarassed you were late, they should be embarassed that they had that party.

  5. seriously? Says:

    About the soft serve, the machines make it more prone to lysteria infections or something… I had never heard about it until she did that think with baskin robbins and then I heard about it on the news. I wish I hadn’t. I like soft serve.

  6. Elle Says:

    I hate those parties too. My friends sister became a rep for the company Virgin Vie and my friend hosted the party. It was ok cos I knew what I was going to (unlike your neighbours tricking you) but my friends sister was trying to pressurise me into hosting a party for months after that. Thinking up excuses to not host one became embarassing!

  7. Me Says:

    I think that’s just downright rude!

  8. Pepper Says:

    Well, day six is right around the time the embryos implant so you could definitely be feeling something!

    That was just a dirty low-down trick your neighbors played on you. Such B.S. That sales lady sounds like something out of a Harry Potter film, too. Just horrid.

  9. Kahla Says:

    I probably would have walked out, I know my husband would have!

  10. Lub Says:

    Yeah- FJ would’ve been so pissed if that’d happened to us! How awkward or your relationship with the new neighbors! I hope your symptoms prove your instincts correct. You seem to be feeling all the right things! I think you should put your feet up for the remaining 2ww. Thinking of you!

  11. amber Says:

    I like that kind of “party” as long as I know it’s a sales thing. P*mpered Chef…sure, sign me up. M*ry Kay?, I could sue some lip gloss. However, the way your neighbor did it…. I would have felt suckered-in, too. Not only suckered but a bit hurt in a “I thought they wanted to be my friend” kind-of way. Whatever, you guys got some free wine and food.

    Why not return the favor? Invite them over for a “garden party” then make them help you cut the lawn.

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