The progesterone supplements are already kicking my ass. My boobs got sore about 10 minutes after I put the first one in…I guess that is a good sign, that the meds are quickly absorbed. I got up to pee at least 8 times last night – no exaggeration.

My friend convinced me to start a Facebook page, something I have resisted forever. Boy is that stuff addictive. I found all sorts of people I haven’t thought of in a long time. I ended up playing on-line scrabble with this boy from highschool! Of course, I got another SURPRISE baby announcement…this girl I went to grad school with (we graduated in 1998 and lost touch a few years ago, but she came to my wedding in 2002) has her page up there with picture of her new baby, born last month. Last time I saw her two years ago she was completely single! How do these things happen so quickly – TO OTHER PEOPLE?

When I saw the page and the pictures of the baby, I completely burst into tears. TW is back (he got back late last night) and he reprimanded me. He said, ‘YOU are pregnant now. If you are depressed, your babies can feel it. You have to be positive for your babies’. It actually made me snap out of it. Last night when he got back he talked to the embryos and rubbed my tummy. 🙂

I cannot believe I am only two days into the 2WW. I took the day off today, I was going to work from home but decided to screw it. TW is home and we are going to have a nice 3-day weekend (without PT who is at overnight camp until Tuesday). Really looking forward to it.


5 Responses to “2dp1dt”

  1. sara Says:

    Just wanted to wish you the best of luck in the icky TTW and I’m hoping the time flies by. I’ll be thinking sticky embryo thoughts for you!

  2. Elle Says:

    It’s really nice when your other half tells you, you ARE pregnant! Just someone else saying it makes you really feel positive.

    Repeat after me “I am pregnant!”

    Now don’t you go testing early on me!!

  3. seriously? Says:

    I know the wait is hard, hang in there. How nice of TW to be so positive for you. Have a great weekend without PT.

  4. amber Says:

    It does suck when other people have babies. I wish I were the type to just be happy for them but I’m not. Wishing you luck in the coming days.

  5. docgrumbles Says:

    I have had similar Facebook experiences. Many of my old classmates have the “I Have Kids” application.

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