That looks weird, huh? Not many people have a one day transfer.

Things went well, painless and easy. We talked technical stuff like why they don’t do ICSI on all the eggs and why they can’t do assisted hatching on day 1. It all made sense and I feel better. I went straight from the appointment to my favorite fruit/veggie stand (locally grown stuff) and purchased some yummy ingredients for a smoothie: banana, strawberry, plain yogurt, fresh squeezed OJ. Had my delicious smoothie and then I went to acupuncture for the 2nd time today. Ahhhhh. She commented that she has never seen me so relaxed. And truth be told, I DO feel very relaxed.

I didn’t cry at transfer! I didn’t even come close. Crying was so far from my realm of emotions. I asked Dr. S whether they had any idea about the quality of the embryos, and he said that since they are only at 1 cell, there is no way of knowing. That actually made me feel better. Because I get so caught up on the labels. Grade this or that, number of cells, fragmentation…blah blah blah. I get fixated and stress out. This time there was nothing to stress about because we don’t know anything. I like this new approach!

So here is the deal: I have three embryos inside me now. This is the number they would have put in even if I had 10 others cooking in the lab. So I am in exactly the same place I would be anyway. These embryos are in the state that they would be if I happened to ovulate three eggs, my DH and I had sex, he had enough sperm to complete the deal and the eggs fertilized. This is how I am looking at it. My embryos don’t know that they came into being in a petrie dish (and the secret is safe with me for now).

So…I am officially PUPO. I feel really good.


13 Responses to “0dp1dt”

  1. Pepper Says:

    AMEN on not knowing all the details of grading, etc.! I think they only serve to drive us nuts. Wishing you a quick 2WW and a Big Effing Positive! Congrats on having embabies on board. 🙂

  2. docgrumbles Says:

    I hope 3 is your lucky number!

  3. Kahla Says:

    Hoping your 2ww is speedy and spectacular!

  4. Kirsten Eide Says:

    So glad you’re feeling good, stick, stick stick J,J&C!!
    Hope the 2WW isn’t unbearable 🙂

  5. seriously? Says:

    Great! I hope that your wait goes by quickly. That is a great attitiude to have, I know I get caught up in numbers and labels, etc. Maybe not knowing is the best.

  6. Leah Says:

    Three is a great number. I’ve got everything crossable crossed! xo

  7. Elle Says:

    Woohoo! PUPO! Can I join you in your celebration as I am also today PUPO 🙂 Feels good doesn’t it?!


  8. Elle Says:

    Oh forgot to say I did exactly the same thing as you, got some lovely fresh ingredients for a smoothie! Yum!

  9. Bee Cee Says:

    Just stopped to wish you luck for the 2ww.

  10. kim Says:

    Thinking major sticky thoughts for you!

  11. amber Says:

    That smoothie sounds so good. Best of luck. Thinking of you and Jack, Chrissy, and Janet.

  12. Joonie Says:

    Sometimes it does help not to know too much detail (embryo grading, etc.), it just give you less to worry about.

    Here’s wishing you an uneventful 2ww leading to a healthy pregnancy!

  13. Trish Says:

    wishing you strength, hope and resilience – you are so right about the embryos being in the same state as if it was a natural egg , meets sperm.

    All my prayers are with you. happy 2ww

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