IVF#3 Update (after some other stuff)

I just said goodbye to TW. He is off to a conference and will be back on Thursday. I feel awful because he said he was going to leave at 10am, and so that was what I was planning on. Well, he JUST left and it is 12:15pm. I started getting antsy for him to leave. But now that he is gone, I feel sad. I wish I could make up my mind! I think it is because I am a planner, and when someone says how something is going to go, I bank on it. It shouldn’t bother me that he left 2 hours after he said he would, but it bugged me because he said he was going to leave at 10am, and at noon he was still here. Because it wasn’t what he said was going to happen. I wish I was more flexible, I hate that about myself!

Part of the reason I wanted him to get the heck out of here was that I had to start calling my friends to tell them about the appointment times/days. TW is very sensitive about who knows that we are going through IVF (thus the anonymous blog). He wants as few people as possible to know. He knows that my parents and brother are in the loop and a couple of very close friends. But I am a TALKER and have told many more people than he is aware of. Anyway, my friend H is one of the people he really didn’t want in the know because she is dating a friend of his. But H is the one that is taking me for my ER appointment! So I told a little white lie, that J was taking me and picking me up for my ER appointment, and then dropping me off at H’s house, who works from home on Tuesday. I told him that H doesn’t have a clue what was happening, just that I was having a ‘medical procedure’ and that I needed adult supervision for the day. He was fine with this tall tale. I don’t even feel guilty. I have to do what I have to do…but you know what? I should have just told him the truth. Because damn it all, he isn’t around when I really need help with this, and I had to find back-up. Oh well.

I went to the library and got a bunch of books to keep me company while I am “out sick” on Tuesday – Friday. I am really looking forward to relaxing! I went into our storage container to find my DVDs (how dumb am I for storing DVDs instead of bringing them with me to our temporary home!) but couldn’t find them. But I do have some fun movies DVR’d and also there is always pay-per-view. I also have heard that Netflix has a pay-per-view feature but I haven’t tried it yet — anyone out there using it?

Oh — I got a comment on my blog the other day — from someone named “Philip”. He said that he and his wife went through 4 IVF cycles and are finally pregnant after 2.5 years of trying, and that he would be following my progress. He included a link to a website. I clicked on it, and apparently he and his wife “Theresa” have started an IVF consultation business. They will do a free 15 minute phone consult, and then they charge $100 an hour after that. So, I think that his little comment was just an ad so that me and my readers would log on to their site and call them up. I don’t know what they could tell me that I don’t already get from: 1) my RE, 2) my acupuncturist, 3) my blogging friends and 4) Dr. Google. I mean, what makes them more expert than any of us? I am about to go into my 3rd cycle, I had 2 IUIs, and I have been trying for almost SIX years. I think I could open up a business like that as well (although I haven’t had my baby yet, so I guess no one would want to talk to me!). I just don’t know how I feel about this…it seems a little sketchy to me. What do you guys think? (And Philip, if you are back and actually reading, I welcome your comments too). Here is the website in case you are curious: http://www.ivftruth.com/ Now I feel like I am advertising their site — I am not endorsing it either way, but I am wondering what other people think.

Okay – here is the update:

Right: 23, 21, 20, 19, 17, 17 (and some smaller)
Left: 21, 19, 18, 15 (and some smaller)

E2: 3876

The doctor said that my ovaries looked “beautiful” and that the E2 was a “healthy increase” over two days ago. He also said that the E2 matched the size and number of follicles perfectly. I trigger tonight at 9:45pm and go in for ER on Tuesday at 9:15am. Whoopie! When the doctor was looking at me with the dildo cam, the nurse was busy so he had me write my own numbers down. He turned the light off and then said, “It may be a little hard to see while you are writing”. My response was, “I may have poor eggs but my eyesight is perfect!”. He thought that was very funny but then said, “Your eggs aren’t that bad”. Hmmmph.

Please let this be it for me. P.L.E.A.S.E.


8 Responses to “IVF#3 Update (after some other stuff)”

  1. Seriously? Says:

    I am a planner and a talker. I am trying to curb my IF discussions but it’s hard. I just hate all the questions about what the status is, what we plan to do next, etc. I have you guys to talk about it with now.

    I hate when C is late doing something he says, even if it is leaving. I make plans in my head based upon the times I know. I hate when I am late for my personal in my head plans…

  2. Seriously? Says:

    Silly button, I hit it too soon. I am SO hoping that this is it for you.

  3. Leah Says:

    I have great faith in both your eyes and your eggs. I will be wishing, hoping and praying that THIS is the cycle for you. You follies and E2 look fantastic, so I’m all kinds of crazy optimistic. Yay!

  4. Erin Says:

    wow – great numbers! i will be thinking of you! kinda weird about that dude.

  5. Philip Says:

    Saw your comments on our site. Thanks for the plug. The simple answer to your question ” I don’t know what they could tell me that I don’t already get from” is speaking to real couple on the phone. Like you, we were able to get all the information ever accumluated on the web and from sites like yours. But it never really answered my questions that only another couple could. The way I got the idea for this site was when i was sitting in the waiting room for my wife to do her 3rd retreval. There was another couple in there waiting and i could tell they were terrified. They didn’t know what to expect or what was going on. They kept trying to start saying somthing to the receptionist who wasn’t having it. Then the doctor popped out and gave them a few instructions and promptly returned to the OR. They were even more confused… they were told to bring all thier meds… what were they supposed to do with that one Valium? Should she take it now, after the retreval? When did he have to go back to that room and do his thing. I leaned over and said don’t worry, it will be ok. I explained when and how the valuim was used, what the room w/ the porn was like (he and i chuckled for a sec), told him what it was like after… and so on.

    The point is, any doctor could tell them that and a Google search could send them to dozens of blogs telling them what to expect. But it wasn’t until they actually talked with me and could hear my voice did they feel better.

    I realized right then that I could help other people (yeah, and potentially make some of the money back that I had paid doctors, clinics, pharmacy’s, etc.).

    This whole IVF thing is the wild west of medical science. The volume of “new” perspective IVF candidates is growing at a staggering rate. There are more scams and shotty providers on the internet every day. We’re just one of thousands of couples that are going through it right now (btw, we haven’t given birth yet, we’re early in this pregnancy) and we’re willing to talk to other couples that want to hear our experience. That’s all.

    Thanks for commenting on my post. I appreciate it. Good luck; we will pray for a successful cycle. I have a Google alert for your blog, so i’ll check it out regularly.


  6. Joonie Says:

    Looking good! I am very hopeful that this is the cycle for you. I’ll be checking back to see how you are.

  7. Cece Says:

    Yeah – I had to lie to Aaron too about who I told. He didn’t like to talk to much about things while cycling, and I needed to TALK so I would call up my friends…. you know – the ones we agreed we wouldn’t tell that we were doing IVF. Men just don’t understand sometimes….

    And hoping this is it for you – you’ve got some great follies growing in there!

  8. Freyja Says:

    Based on your post, looking at the site, and reading “Philip’s” comment above, it looks like they’re charging people for friendly advice. Guess you gotta recoup all that IVF money somehow??? :p

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