I am pushing all time bitchiness. I feel so ANGRY and IMPATIENT. I threw an F bomb at PT yesterday for the first time. TW was so shocked he didn’t even say anything (I expected him to throw me out of the house). My emotions are on a hair-trigger. I can feel fine one second and then go into outer orbit the next.

I have set some precedents that I am loathing now. Like picking up after TW and PT and never asking for help with dishes, wash, etc. In an ideal world, they would offer. But they don’t. And after a while I feel like throwing the dining table through the window (and with my anger the way it is, I bet I have the sheer force to do it!).

As I was leaving for work yesterday, TW was making PT French Toast for breakfast. This is always a big production because TW ends up using every dish, bowl, plate, whisk, spoon, fork, knife in the house. He piles everything up in the sink (isn’t it amazing that his body becomes paralized when standing in the zone between the sink and the dishwasher?) and walks away, saying he will “take care of it later”. Later = Never. And I cannot stand seeing dirty dishes in the sink, so I always end up cleaning up. Not to mention the syrup and butter all over the counter, egg remnants, etc. He also has been having this complete malfunction when he makes his coffee in the morning. I would say 4 times a week, he lets the coffee overflow the mug and floods the counter. He makes his coffee in an individual mug with a Melita cone. And he pours way too much water in the cone and walks away. Then I hear him say, “SHIT!” and I walk into the kitchen to see him mopping up the counter with a WHITE dish towel. And he does a half-assed job.

Anyway, as I left for work I said, “Those dishes better not be in the sink when I get home. And the laundry better be put away”. (This is the laundry that I lovingly did 5 days ago…still sitting in the baskets all folded and ready to be put away). He replied, “I have nothing going on today, I promise that it will be done. And I will ask PT to put her clothes away and clean her room”.

So guess what happens when I get home. I walk in the door, and not only are the breakfast dishes, plus the bowl and fry pan in the sink, crusting over (because he never rinses). There is also a cutting board covered in sandwich remnants from when TW made PT her lunch. AND the laundry baskets were still full and still sitting in exactly the same place. AND there were piles of dirty clothes all over the bathroom and PT’s room. In the bathroom, someone left the cap off the toothpaste and it is so hot that it oozed all over the counter. The dog had brought a stick inside and chewed it into a million pieces all over the carpet.

And guess what PT and TW were doing? Sprawled on the bed, reading. I BLEW MY TOP. I yelled, “I AM NOT YOUR FUCKING SLAVE!” and didn’t stop yelling for about 10 minutes. I am surprised that the guys at the fire house didn’t come by to make sure I wasn’t killing someone. The poor dog ran out the dog door and cowered for about 1/2 an hour (poor baby, wish he could understand that it had nothing to do with him!)

I went to the sink and did all the dishes, then I started another load of laundry. Then I hooked the dog into his harness and left the house.

The bottom line is that I live with a couple of big fucking slobs.

They came after me as I was coming back from my walk. When I came inside they had cleaned up. But it took me to turn into Gonal-Zilla for them to make a move. I know, you are all going to say you would never tolerate such nonsense. And truthfully I usually tolerate it pretty well, even though I shouldn’t. I just don’t know how to break them of this — because they are so used to me taking care of everything, I guess I am enabling it.  In any event, the total break-down did the trick. The house is spotless now. Too bad they can’t get off their asses without me yelling and screaming.




10 Responses to “Gonal-Zilla”

  1. shawna Says:

    I wish that I could say that I don’t tolerate such nonsense, but I totally do. I love my dh but he is a lazy so and so most of the time. He is so lazy that he won’t bend down. I know that sounds absurd but it is true. He tries everything imaginable to keep from bending over to pick something up. I have to clean our hard wood floors because in order to get them really clean one must bend over. LAZY ASSES ABOUND!

    Good luck with the mood swings. Aren’t hormones a bitch?

  2. M Says:

    I think we all tolerate a certain amount of nonsense that we’d all prefer that we wouldn’t have to.

    As for teaching them, well, basically, there’s little you could do except blow up at them constantly. Nothing else will work. And that’s not much fun at all.

    I wish I had better advice. Maybe I should’ve just kept my big mouth shut? lol

  3. Pepper Says:

    Darling, as I was reading this I was thinking that you must have the patience of a saint. Seriously. 🙂

  4. seriously? Says:

    OMG, I totally understand you. Dirty dishes in the sink are gross, and SMELLy. I have for the past few days left dishes in the sink that both of us made to see how long it would take DH (who was OFF yesterday and today) to unload the clean dishes and put the dirty ones in. Also, how long would it take him to get his CRAP off my dinning room table (and yes, it IS mine, my parents bought it for me). He complains that all I do is nag him, when unless it has something to do with his fire department it NEVER gets done unless I yell and scream and look like a shrew. I am so tired of living with a slob. I actually asked my mom if it was grounds for divorce or moving back home with my parents. I really need a day off just to clean and do laundry again.

    Sorry you had to be a shrew. People are just so lazy sometimes and slovenly that it makes me (and apparently it isn’t just me) turn into the HULK.

  5. kona Says:

    That sucks to feel like a slave. DH used to be lazy, too. I have no idea what changed him, but he helps a lot more now. But I remember the dirty dishes piling up, and you do all the cooking, too right? Maybe you should “forget” to cook dinner or go on strike? Remember the mom in the news who went on strike? 😉 You are not being appreciated or respected. I don’t think you should have to drop F-bombs to get a little help around the house.

  6. Freyja Says:

    My husband basically forces me to clean up after him. he doesn’t put a gun to my head. But he doesn’t do it unless I release a shit storm. And I usually don’t want to do that. So he usually doesn’t clean. So I usually do it because, after all, someone has to.

    (For the record, we’ve had multiple, multiple, multiple discussions about how unfair this cycle is. He agrees that is unfair to me. But do think that means he acutally changes his behavior? Hell fucking no!)

  7. Allison Says:

    Ugh. On the positive side, at least the hormones caused you to actually go ape-shit on them rather than just stew internally. I just wish it didn’t take going ape-shit for them to spring into action.

    I am actually dreading the fights DH and I will have when he comes home after spending nearly a year living with his parents with his mother basically wiping his ass for him. Oy.

  8. lupuspie Says:

    Why are men physically incapable of doing their own dishes?? My hubby drives me nuts with this!

    I’m sorry about the blow-up. I’ve freaked out on my poor hubby a few times while stimming. At least it sounds like PT & TW deserved a scolding! My hubby was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 🙂

  9. Pamela Jeanne Says:

    Oh, I am the exceptionally lucky one here. My guy is a cleaning-up white tornado. His brother — the opposite. He and his children were here for five weeks two summers ago and never lifted a finger. I went into a non-Gonal induced rage and almost sent the three of them packing half-way through their trip. I know whereof you speak.

  10. amber Says:

    Wow, have you been secretly taping my family? My days are getting better now that my step son is older (18 and hopefully out of the house soon). It drives me nuts. I hate having to be a bitch all the time. I guess I don’t HAVE to be but after a long day at work why must I come in and clean up after them? I’m not even asking them to clean…just don’t make a mess. oops, I do believe I just quoted my mother from 20 years ago.

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