IVF#3 — New Hope?

I went in for my baseline ultrasound and consult yesterday. I have been on the BCP for two months and Lu.pron since May 30th. Thursday was my last day to have a drink, so you betcha I had a couple of pom martinis! I am pretty jacked up over work right now — busiest week of the year!

Anyway, I saw Dr. S who is really warm and friendly…much more so than Dr. P who is crusty and gruff (although he warms up after a while). I love that my ultrasounds are always done by the doctors, never a tech. He checked my lining, which was so thin it was almost non-existent. He had a hard time finding it! He said that was a good thing. Then he did an antral follicle count, 9 on each side. It is so hard for me to always hear how I am so “text book”….but WHY then won’t this happen for me?

Anyway, Dr. S had clearly been thinking about my sitch. He said that IVF#1 I was over-suppressed, and IVF#2 my E2 levels went up to quickly. So he wanted to find a middle ground. My protocol is:

a.m. and p.m. 5 units of micro-dose Lu.pron
a.m. 187.5 units of Gon.al-F
p.m. 225 units of Go.nal-F (G.onal-F dosing is in weird increments!)
p.m. 75 units of Meno.pur

Last time I was on the micro-dose Lu.pron, 225 units of Foll.stim twice a day, and 150 units of Meno.pur once a day.

I started baby aspirin yesterday too.

We are going to be “aggressive” according to Dr. S. He wants to do a 1 day transfer. He has a theory that my embryos fragment because they don’t like lounging in a petrie dish and would rather be snuggling in a nice, warm ute. He is going to transfer some of them on day 1, and some more on day 2. He doesn’t want to give them as much of a chance to break up by waiting three days.

Turns out TW definitely won’t be around for my ER this time either. I am glad he spanked the monkey and the goods are on ice. Who needs a man with IVF!


16 Responses to “IVF#3 — New Hope?”

  1. Cece Says:

    Ha – when I got pregnant – I joked with Aaron that I didn’t need him anymore. Trust me, when this cycle works – you’ll want TW around to fetch you ice cream and such.

    Hurrah for your new plan!

  2. lupuspie Says:

    I’m so excited that the ball is rolling for you!!! I thought my hubby was going to be out of town for my ER & ET this month, but my cycle started early. Truthfully, I’m a little bummed. I had him feeling so guilty about missing the conception of our child (for a golf trip, no less) that he had agreed to buy me diamonds!! Wonder if I’ll still get those diamonds?? 😉

    Good luck to you!!! You have a great AFC and things look promising. I can’t wait to follow your journey. 🙂

  3. A Soldier's Girl Says:

    Hola from NCLM 🙂

    This post made me laugh! I love me some pom martinis & was just thinking yesterday how I need to load up now before we start IVF #1 next month. 🙂

    Sounds like your doctor has a good plan…it makes sense & I hope it works.

    Oh & my husband is currently preoccupied in Iraq & had to “spank the monkey”, as you put it ~ lol~ before he left…so yes, I agree who needs a man with IVF?!?

  4. Pepper Says:

    There’s this theory about embryos that survive until day 3 but don’t make it to day 5: you can never really know if the embies didn’t survive because they weren’t strong enough or because they weren’t in the womb. Your doc’s opinion about a day 1 or 2 transfer absolutely makes sense and I love that he’s given it a lot of thought.

    P.S. You definitely don’t need a man for IVF (I know quite a few women who can attest to that fact), but I’m sure he’ll come in handy when he’s there. 😉

  5. Erin Says:

    I hadn’t heard about the 1-day transfer, but it sounds smart to me! I’m so glad your doctor is taking such an aggressive path! Good luck!

    I may just take you up on those Italians!

  6. Rebecca Says:

    Sounds like a good plan hon, I will be keeping a keen eye on this cycle 🙂

  7. Dr. Grumbles Says:

    Isn’t amazing though we can do this these days without even having the guy present?

    Best of luck!

  8. Kelly D Says:

    Sounds like your doctor is trying to help you the best he can. It’s nice to have and RE that generally cares and wants you to have a baby – not just take your money. Best of luck to you!

  9. Kona Says:

    I’m excited for you and this new approach!!! 😉 I hope this does the trick.
    I will be thinking good thoughts and prayers for you.

  10. Brandygirl Says:

    I hope this cycle works for you…sending positive vibes!!!!

    here from NCLM

  11. seriously? Says:

    I am hopeful for you too. Just think of the fun ways you can answer the how did I get here/where do babies come from question. Well, little one, when a man and a women love each other very much the women takes many painful injections to supress her reproductive system…

  12. Lub Says:

    I am happy that there is a plan. Sounds like a good one to me! Now if only we could see the future… Good luck and I will be checking in to hear the progress!!!

  13. Tanya Says:

    Yep, you can definately have a baby without a man present… my boy is proof of that.

    Best of luck with the transfer!

  14. amber Says:

    I’m excited for you to start this cycle.

  15. Jeane Says:

    I’ve just read your blog and think that you’ve been very brave! I too is in my 3rd IVF. #1 I had 7 egss and only produced 2 not so good embryos. 2nd cycle was cancelled due to poor response to stims and I started #3 IVF and just had my embryo’s transferred last Fri! I want to tell you dont loose hope. Statistics are in your favour given that you have over 10 follicles counts and respond well to stims. Hope all works out for you this round!

  16. How to Get Six Pack Fast Says:

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