I am digging NaComLeavMo. Now, if I could only get the code to work for the image on my sidebar. Any tips?

Thanks to all for visiting my blog from NaComLeavMo. I Luuuuuurve getting comments. And I am enjoying “meeting” more of you every day!


15 Responses to “NaComLeavMo”

  1. Erin Says:

    I’m here from NaComLeavMo also, and have also been loving the comments! This was such a great idea, we’ll all have to thank Mel!

  2. Suzanna Catherine Says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a little bit now. I’m trying to comment more — though I don’t always feel my comments are as insightful and intelligent as most others! I didn’t sign up for NaComLeavMo for just that reason.

    Loved your doggie pix. What an expressive face! They can do crazy things with their bones, can’t they?

  3. pj Says:

    Hey, I had to ask my husband what MILF meant! Have I forgotten American Pie so soon?

    It’s always interesting to find someone with male factor IF. My RE talked like it was an easy fix, but I am thinking it is not that simple. Good luck with this cycle!

  4. Katt Says:

    I’m getting a huge kick out of NCLM too! I have never had so many comments. Shoot…in the almost two years I’ve had my blog I don’t think I’ve had as many comments total as I’ve had the last couple days.

    Love, love, love it!

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  5. SAHW Says:

    I’m here from NaComLeavMo too, and thanks for dropping by my blog! Looking forward to reading more of your blog from now!

  6. Jendeis Says:

    I’m here from NaComLeavMo. I don’t know WordPress so I don’t think I can help you on getting the button into your sidebar. Have you tried Blogging Basics 101? You might also try searching the help section at WordPress.

  7. Freyja Says:

    We’re all such comment whores!!! :*

  8. Kim Says:

    Here from NCLM! I don’t know how wordpress works, but i just copied the html code from Stirrup Queens and added it to the layout of my blog as an html link. It’s all so automatic I really don’t know what I did in reality…..
    Cute puppy!

  9. joyco Says:

    I can’t figure out how to get the picture to work either! I love comments too, I’ll bookmark ya and come back to comment again soon. 🙂

    (from NaComLeavMo)

  10. Jen Says:

    I am loving all the comments too! Mel has the best ideas!

  11. Calliope Says:

    here from NaComLeavMo!

    go to your wordpress dashboard and then click into where your template design stuff is. There should be something that says “widget”. Go there. Then look for something that says “text widget” (it might have a number next to it) move the text widget into your sidebar area and then paste in the code from Mel’s blog. Then save it the change.
    That should work. Let me know if it doesn’t & I will try to help.

  12. Mary Says:

    here from NCLM. I am loving the comments, but it’s a LOT more work than I expected it to be!

  13. Heather.PNR Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my place this morning! NCLM has been so great for me in discovering new reads there. Love it.

    Best wishes to you and TW as you build your family!

  14. Jac Says:

    Here to comment! Happy blogging!!!

  15. margalit Says:

    To get the code to work you have to point the code to the source.


    NaComLeavMo: More Conversation Than You Can Shake a Stick at*

    Remove the asterisks

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