Skydiving was AWESOME!

I have nothing to report on the TTC front, so just some random babbling for now.

Indoor skydiving was SO MUCH FUN. I was really lame at it and I could feel drool (yes) streaming UP my face because I was laughing the whole time, and I guess my spit was being picked up by the wind. Grody! But it ROCKED. If any of you have an iFly or SkyVenture near you, I would highly recommend checking it out. It wasn’t scary at all — just really great fun! We couldn’t bring cameras into the wind tunnel for obvious reasons but the websites for these places have videos posted so you can see what it is like.

I am in a bit of a quandary now. My mom has a charitable organization and we have a huge annual fundraiser each year — the event was on Sunday. I worked so hard on my piece, I was in charge of the silent auction. It was a lot of work! I solicited a friend to help me on the day of the event….I invited her two months in advance and we spoke about it at least once a week leading up to it. We talked on Saturday and then three times on Sunday morning…each time I talked to her on Sunday morning she said she was on her way. Then 20 minutes before the event, she called me up and asked me if I would mind if she didn’t come because she was so tired. YES I MINDED! I ended up practically hanging up on her. She did say if I really needed her, she would come. But I am not going to force someone to do something they don’t want to do.

Now I am waiting for her to contact me but she hasn’t. We usually talk on the phone at least 2 times a day, and no contact from her at all. I am wondering if I should just get off my high horse and call her first. I think we need to talk this out, otherwise the friendship will be damaged. My thing is — when I commit to something, I follow through. I am not a flake. Flakes SUCK. I thought it was totally inconsiderate of her to leave me hanging like that. Especially since this was planned so far in advance. And I talked to her THREE times the morning of the event and she didn’t say anything until 20 minutes before she was supposed to come. Am I over-reacting?


5 Responses to “Skydiving was AWESOME!”

  1. docgrumbles Says:

    Woohoo for skydiving!

    Boo on flakes!

  2. Heather Says:

    No! You most certainly are not over reacting. You were relying on her and she should have been there. I’m sure you would have gotten her a chair if she was tired. Regardless, you can’t back out so late. She should have told you on the first phone call.

  3. Kenna Says:

    First off, no, you aren’t over reacting at all.

    Second…we just got one of those indoor skydiving places in Salt Lake a while ago and I have wanted to try it out so bad! Now I am just going to have to make it happen! Seriously!

  4. swim Says:

    No, you are not overreacting. I too have a friend who bales on me sometimes at the last minute. It is SOOO frustrating. Although she has gotten better of the years, it still happens ocassionally. I have told my friend about how pissed off it makes me when she does that and she says she’s sorry and doesn’t do it for a while. I have also lowered my expectations of her and don’t rely on her in critical situations because she may flake out.

    It is probably best to talk it out before it ruins the friendship but she was wrong to back out at the last minute. It’s just rude.

  5. Amanda Says:

    I don’t think you’re overreacting. And by her saying that if you really needed her she’d come…um…hello? Why wouldn’t you need her? What she really meant was, if you would really push her she’d stand by her commitments. That’s crap.

    Hooray for having fun skydiving!

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