Bad Blogger!

I have been such a horrible blogger lately. I actually was laid up with the flu since Saturday. The body-achy-headache-fever-cough-sneeze-skin-crawling kind of flu. IT SUCKED. My husband had it before me and bless his heart, he gave it to me, even worse than he had it. I took two days off work to get over it, which I NEVER do.

I got my new protocol and I was upset at first because it looked exactly like the first cycle, except I would be on birth control for 34 days instead of just 19. WTF? No mention of micro-dose Lu.pron and no mention of Men.opur. So I called them up to see what the deal was. I guess the document they e-mailed me wasn’t as detailed as it should have been, and they cleared up my confusion. I will be on micro-dose Lu.pron and they are giving me Go.nal-F instead of Foll.stim this time. Phew. I definitely wanted something new to try – you know? One sticking point – TW has to redo all his pathogen blood work. Ugh. The less I have to ask him to do, the better. I know he will do it but it will be like pulling teeth. Kind of a bummer that they only consider these blood tests good for one year. But whatcha gonna do.

I got my schedule and they wanted me to start stimming on May 30th – my birthday. June 1st is my wedding anniversary too, and I have a big party to go to on May 31st. Is it horrible to want to postpone my cycle so I can party a little bit? Well, even if it is horrible, I am doing it. I just couldn’t handle starting my stimming process that weekend. I am taking the 30th of May off and TW and I are planning to do something fun. So we are actually going to move everything back by two weeks which will make the timing PERFECT. I will start stimming on June 13th and ER should be the week of June 20th. This is the absolute BEST timing for work — after the big commencement activities and all the students will be scarce. I can take a few days off and no one will even notice.

I am taking my staff for a ‘retreat’ on Friday. It is “Administrative Professionals Week” (or something like that) so I got flowers from my boss. But I am taking my staff on an all day retreat. which sounds better: flowers or an all-day retreat? First we are going to go to pick up a digital camera for the office so we can start taking pictures of all the events we do and post them on our website. Then we are going to go to lunch. Then we are going INDOOR SKY DIVING. It is a giant wind tunnel that blows air upwards and you get to “sky dive” without jumping out of a plane, which I would NEVER do. YAY!



7 Responses to “Bad Blogger!”

  1. Kirsten Eide Says:

    How cool does the indoor sky-diving sound!! I’m glad you pushed it back two weeks and can enjoy yourself for that weekend, this IF rules our life enough as it is 😉
    We should hopefully be cycle buddies, depending on when my next AF shows up after the D&C/Hysterscopy tomorrow.
    Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Serenity Says:

    Indoor sky diving sounds really freaking AWESOME!! And I’m glad you’re pushing the cycle back so you can live a bit – taking back a little bit of your life.

    As an aside, follistim and gonal-f are the same medication – just different dosages. I’m glad they’ve added Lupron though.

    Fingers crossed.

  3. bluehairedwoman Says:

    yuck, i hope you are feeling better after your flu. wishing you the best of luck for the next cycle in may. i’m really glad the timing is going to work out. all these treatments take over our lives enough without it ruining our normal plans. sounds like a fun retreat! don’t know if i’d ever be ballsy enough to sky dive, whether it’s real or simulated. 🙂

  4. Ashley Bass Says:

    It sounds like this cycle is going to starting off with some good luck since it revolves around your b-day and anniversary! I hope you get that birthday wish! :] My hubby’s birthday is on June 1st so I will make sure he sends some of his birthday luck your way!

  5. docgrumbles Says:

    I wanna see pics of the indoor skydiving!

  6. Kona Says:

    The wind tunnel sky dive sounds fun. How did you like it??? 😉

  7. Pamela Jeanne Says:

    Sorry you were down for the count with the flu! Glad you’re going to take the weekend to have fun. That would have been my vote, too!

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