Protocol for the protocol

My acupuncturist has kicked me into high gear. Here is my protocol:

  • Weekly acupuncture
  • Breakfast: REQUIRED
  • 3 pills of Ba Zhen Tang after breakfast
  • 4 pills of Zuo Gui Wan after breakfast
  • 1 serving of fiber from Whole Foods in my “fave” beverage (which would be wine, but I guess she meant juice!)
  • 2 eggs per day (soft boiled) — which I discovered I love!
  • After lunch: 3 pills of Ba Zhen Tang and 4 pills of Zuo Gui Wan
  • More fiber
  • On CD 15 add 3 spoons of Wen Jing Tang in 8 oz boiling water (tea), twice a day, until AF shows up
  • And get this — she wants me to take my temperature again!!! I did that for TWENTY TWO cycles. I used to sit at my computer each morning before work and log it into TCOYF. Ugh. Now I have a crooked paper chart, that is a copy of of copy of a copy, crooked and blurry, sitting on my nightstand. With my thermometer. And a pen. And I didn’t even start charting until CD9! And I don’t care! I love not being obsessed with the BBT. It took over my life for WAY too long. I am basically doing this to humor my acupuncturist.

Supposedly this is going to help my egg quality. Ya think? I am willing to try anything. But that sure is a lot of stuff!

Meanwhile, the concept of adoption is S L O W L Y but surely taking over my brain….must tread lightly so as not to scare TW away.

I still have two more shots at this before I have to think about adoption….please let this work for me!


5 Responses to “Protocol for the protocol”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel a little better whenever I’m doing anything that may help. Good luck!

  2. Kona Says:

    Good luck that it works this next time! 😉 If not, there are lots of sweet babies out there that would love to have such a loving mom as you. But fingers crossed for a BFP for you!

  3. Freyja Says:

    You’ve still got two shots. That’s just as many in front of you as are behind you. That is a big, strong possibility. 😀

  4. docgrumbles Says:

    D is still anti-adoption. Like you, I still hope we wouldn’t need it… but it is another option! And one not dependent on my fickle biology at that.

    I hope you don’t need to look into adoption, though.

  5. swim Says:

    Wow. Your acupuncturist has gone all out. I started a while back with a different acupuncturist and she has me on similar herbs 3 times a day (forgot the name without the bottle). I am also following a strict diet to keep my insulin level thoughout the entire day which is suppose to help with egg production.

    Fingers crossed for quality eggs!!

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