Almost there…

One more day and a wake-up until beta. TW says that instead of “day after tomorrow”. Nothing to report. I have been having headaches and weird dreams, but probably has nothing to do with anything.

My evil SIL is coming tomorrow. She is taking her daughter to look at colleges. They are coming here to look at the local JC. That cracked me up — you go on a college visit to take a campus tour of the JC? I don’t get it. She is so weird. It worries me though – where is her daughter going to live if she goes to the JC down the street from our house? NOT our house, better not be. I brought it up with TW and he said, “Why not?” OMG I would move out myself if she moves in. She is a trashy 18 year old that hangs out with riff-raff. NO THANKS.

I was at the dog park tonight and this CRAZY-ass woman was there with her golden retriever, looked to be about 5 months old. This dog was CLEARLY a golden, no doubt about it. But the woman insisted it was not a golden. She said it was a very rare “Teddy Bear Labrador”. What the fuck? Has anyone heard of this? I am the biggest dog fan on the planet and I am pretty knowledgeable about dog breeds and I have not heard of this Teddy Bear Lab. The dog was a fucking Golden (totally untrained too). She had the puppy on the small dog side of the park and it was terrorizing all the tiny dogs. The puppy had to weigh at least 45 pounds already. And she was telling everyone that their dogs were too old to be on the small side, like it was an age thing. It is a height and weight thing, PUH-LEEZE! She was like, “Your dog is five years old, it is too old to be on this side” – this to a 4 pound mini yorkie’s owner. Meanwhile her crazy puppy was stomping on all of the dogs, and she was telling everyone that their dogs were “starting it” when the dogs would get into a scuffle. It was pretty funny actually, it turned into a big altercation. I was on the big dog side, just observing. It was highly entertaining. What a whack job. I was laughing that some breeder charged her 10 times more for a golden retriever and just told her it was a very rare Teddy Bear Lab, and that she doesn’t need to train it because they are born already trained.

Anyway, it was a good distraction from obsessing whether I have 4 babies growing or zero babies growing, or something in between.


3 Responses to “Almost there…”

  1. Ashley Bass Says:

    Good luck today! You will be in my thoughts. Update us as soon as you know!

  2. Freyja Says:

    That description of the crazy lady made me LOL!!!

  3. Heather Says:

    I know someone who almost paid a fortune for a dog. They told the breeder they wanted a mastiff and the breeder was selling them some rare form. I looked at the pictures and not only was it not a mastiff, it was totally a mutt. It was a golden mixed with something ugly…I should have let them pay for it and then have them take it to a vet…

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