Feeling a bit better.

I got all my negativity out yesterday, I think. When I think about the two cycles, I actually ended up ahead a little bit this time, right? Last time I had 3 embryos, one 7 celled, one 6 celled, and one 5 celled. This time I had FOUR embryos, two 6-7 cells, one 5-6 cells, and one 4-5 cells. I know that things are not ideal, but pregnancy can occur with fragmented embryos with only 4 cells. SO, maybe it can happen for me. And maybe if we have to do it again, it will get a little better that time too.
I won’t say I am optimistic, or even cautiously optimistic. But I am not Gloom and Doom. I am taking it one day at a time.

Thanks for holding hope for me, sometimes it is hard to do it myself.


4 Responses to “Feeling a bit better.”

  1. Swim Says:

    I am just catching up on your posts as I have been absent from blogland. I am soo soo sorry to read your post yesterday. I had a similar breakdown right after my transfer after i had only one embie to put back.

    On the positive side, you did get more eggs this time. I am going to hold onto hope for you for this cycle. It is not over yet and you have come a long way.

    Take it easy and be good to yourself.

  2. Kona Says:

    Sending prayers & positive thoughts for you & your baby(babies?) 😉

  3. PamelaJeanne Says:

    Good…! Glad you’re feeling better. The birds are singing right now and the sun is shining. I’m going to live in the moment, will you join me?

  4. Freyja Says:

    I agree that this was a better ET than the last. Theoretically they should refine their method and thus their success each time around. Even if you don’t have the greatest eggs in the universe I’m inclined to think that with four rounds of this, statistically speaking, given your age group, there’s a fairly decent probability that you’ll get pg… and have it stick. Seriously. So while there are no guarantees, the numbers game isn’t so bad for you on this path. Try to think of that and keep your chin up. (HUG)

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