Down in the dumps

Nothing went as well as I had hoped! I thought with 13 follicles I would get at least 13 eggs, but they only got 10. 😦 I know it is better than 7, what they got last time, but everything seemed to go so much better with stimulation I thought I would have some sort of miracle egg retrieval.

ER was MUCH more painful than last time, perhaps because they had to get to almost double the number of follicles. I cramped for hours and took some tylenol PM and slept for a few hours when I got home. My friend M was so wonderful. She took me to the pharmacy to get trashy mags and medicine, then took me home and we lounged around and read for a while. Then I fell asleep so she took my dog for a walk and brought won ton soup for me, and it was waiting when I woke up. She was going to spend the night but I sent her home at 8pm since her daughter was at home, and I felt bad that she wasn’t spending time with her (shared custody stuff).

I feel SO bloated like I have a ginormous fart that is stuck and just won’t come out! I have so much pressure all over my abdomen and (TMI) my butt hole. When I sit down it hurts, and I can’t suck my belly in at all, I feel 5 months preggo. I hope this isn’t the start of OHSS! I have been drinking lots of fluid but last night I literally got up SEVEN times to pee, almost every hour. Every step I take hurts. I didn’t have anything like this last time (but last time I was an under responder). It doesn’t help that this morning I checked my e-mail and there was so much to do, and one guy dropped the ball. So I ended up working from home from about 8am until just now (3:30pm). So much for taking the day off. I am going to take the rest of the week off, screw work, it is so much more important for me to try to de-stress and relax and rest.

I got my fert report this morning — only 5 embryos. WTF. Last time we had 7 embryos and 7 eggs. SO I thought we would have at least that many embryos this time! They decided to do partial ICSI, and of the 7 that that ICSI’d, only three fertilized (apparently one of the eggs wasn’t mature). And of the 3 that they didn’t ICSI, 2 fertilized. So, I have 5. I hope to God that they are better and stronger than last time. But only time will tell.

I called the doctor and he didn’t seem concerned, he said that this cycle is totally different and he expects the embryos to respond differently too. Let’s hope he is right. I have my ET appointment at 11am on Thursday, but they are going to watch carefully to see if they want to do a day 2 transfer instead.

OMG I want this to work so badly! I don’t know if I can go through this again.


10 Responses to “Down in the dumps”

  1. Erin Says:

    5 is still a great number, although I know it looks bad in comparison to how many follicles, then eggs you had. But stay positive! I’ll be crossing everything for ya!

  2. Pamela Jeanne Says:

    I’m with Erin. Five is a great number. Schatzi had nearly three dozen frozen embryos and only three were actually good enough to transfer. That percentage looked pretty bad but all three took. So, keep your eye on the prize!!

  3. Kirsten Eide Says:

    I know 5 seems low, but that’s still a really good number!! Hoping and praying for your transfer, how many you transferring? I also get the same bloatedness after ER, it’s shocking for 3 days, I know what you mean, you really look 5 months pregnant and it just won’t seem to go down! So glad you’re taking the rest of the week off, you deserve to just relax, work will be there when you’re ready!

  4. Ashley Bass Says:

    Good luck with your transfer in the morning! Everything sounds great so far and much differently than last time. I really hope this is it for you! How many will you be transferring? All 5? I hope your body is feeling better soon! You will be in my thoughts in the morning.

  5. Freyja Says:

    I know you’re disappointed and I understand why. Just the same I’m pulling for you. Perhaps I’m just too much of an IF blog junkie and have read too many “unlikely” stories of people getting pg with only a few eggs or embryos but I’m not despondent yet. You’ve still got a heck’uva chance girlie. Keep your chin up! And big (((HUGS)))!!!

  6. Amanda Says:

    I am so sorry that things haven’t gone better, but they’re still not bad. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck with the ET!!!

  7. tryingin2007 Says:

    I only has 4 eggs retrieved (total!) and 3 fertilized with ICSI. we ended up transferring 3 embies on day 3 and I’m happily pg with a singleton. please don’t lose hope. 5 is a very decent number. hang in there!

  8. FiestyKel Says:

    They are still great numbers! From my 25 follies I got 11 eggs and only 2 embies! It is discouraging, I know, but hang in there, quality over quantity right? Thinking od you 🙂

  9. lub Says:

    I want it to work so bad for you! You deserve this so much. I am thinking of you and praying for you. I hope your gas pressure goes away soon! I HATE that feeling!

  10. missedconceptions Says:

    Oh, sweetie, I am sorry the news is not what you wanted to hear. BUT, as those above have said, 5 is still 5 and it only takes 1!!

    I am glad you are taking the rest of the week off. The last thing you need to deal with this week is WORK.

    Remember, this is a totally different cycle and you need quality, not quantity, eggies, to make pretty embryos.

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