Injection Question

Five shots a day is a little much. Last night I came into the TV room to ice up my leg before sticking it with the Meno.pur, and TW started laughing when I pulled my pants down and sat on the chair. Thanks, TW. What a jack ass. I burst into tears. I am so fragile! I locked myself in the bathroom and he came to get me and begged me to come out. He gave me a foot rub later, so he almost redeemed himself.

The mixing of the Meno.pur is kicking my ass. I discovered Q-Caps (they didn’t come with my Meno.pur, but with the box that my friend gave me that she didn’t need). The Q-Caps are so much easier than mixing with a huge needle. I don’t know why my pharmacy and my IVF clinic doesn’t use them. A friend of mine from blog-land is going to send me some more, bless her!

The shot I gave myself last night may have gone into the muscle. Is this a bad thing? I did pinch up before injecting, but this morning the area is really sore, like I pulled a muscle. I think I should go higher up on my thigh, where there is more fat to pinch up. I would do it in my stomach but it is such a big shot, and I am already like a pin cushion on my stomach so I was trying to mix it up a little bit. I really only trust TW to do the shot with the Follis.tim pen, so he hasn’t done Lup.ron or Meno.pur shots for me.

Anyway — anyone know if I fucked up my protocol if my shot went into my muscle?? That would be just my luck.


One Response to “Injection Question”

  1. Pamela Jeanne Says:

    Shoot. Wish I could help with the question, but you’re on a different protocol so I’m not familiar the meds and applications.

    Just wanted to say I was thinking about you…

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