My stuck little ovaries

Went for my baseline this morning. My lining looks good and no cysts. Dr. P did his foot holding thing, it is so cute. He holds my foot while he wands me, like he was holding my hand. I love it!

Last night I had a rough night’s sleep, I had severe side pain that kept me up. This happened last IVF cycle too – day three of my AF after going off BCP. Same exact thing. At 3am I got up to take some tylenol and finally got some sleep. I told Dr. P about it and he looked at my insides a little more closely. He said that my ovaries are “stuck” to my uterus – he has never said this before. But he showed me what he was talking about — there is no gap between the ovary and the uterus, they are touching. He said that sometimes this can cause ovarian pain, and the combo of Lupron and the BCP could magnify the effect. Sounds like a weird explanation to me, but he is (supposedly) the expert. Of course I immediately asked if these “stuck” ovaries could cause any problem with implantation or pregnancy, and he said that it shouldn’t matter.

Anyway, the good news is that I am off and running for IVF #2. I got my first Follistim shot this morning by the nurse. My protocol:

5 units of microdose Lup.ron in the a.m.
225 units of Folli.stim in the a.m.
5 units of microdose Lup.ron in the p.m.
225 units of Folli.stim in the p.m.
150 units of Meno.pur in the p.m.

FIVE shots per day. OUCHIE! I also start the baby aspirin tonight. She warned me about the Menopur – she said it is going to sting because it will be really concentrated. I am going to try icing it up first. I am going to start shooting my legs because I save my tummy for the Lupron.

The doctor said that he didn’t want me to pay for ICSI yet, because he is not convinced we need it. WHAT? Apparently last time they did 50/50 ICSI and since all the eggs fertilized they think that it isn’t necessary. On the one hand we would save $2000, which would be very nice. On the other hand I worry that none of the eggs will fertilize if we don’t do it. He said that the embryologist will make a decision when they thaw the sample (remember, TW won’t be here for any of this!). I think I will decide on “to ICSI or not to ICSI” when we know how many eggs we have to work with. If we have lots more eggs than last time, then we can forgo ICSI. If it is 7 or less eggs, then I would feel better with ICSI. Anyone have any advice on this?

Oh — the doctor gave my ovaries “codes” this time, I don’t remember him doing that before. My left ovary was a “9” and my right ovary was a “7”. What the heck does that mean? I was going to ask, but I was too worried about my ovaries being stuck to my uterus, and I forgot.

I need to remember to stay hydrated….and NO wine anymore!

Ugh, the Follistim gave me a nasty headache.

Please, let this one work!!!


4 Responses to “My stuck little ovaries”

  1. Kona Says:

    Glad all went well. Fingers crossed for this time!! Good luck!!!!

  2. Amanda Says:

    I’m glad that everything looks good. As long as 7 & 9 are doing their jobs, I’m sure they won’t cause any issues.

    Good luck with the shots!

  3. SaraS-P Says:

    Hope it works!

  4. Roseville Plumbing Says:

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