u/s postponed

I called the clinic and postponed the u/s until Friday morning, which was when it was supposed to be anyway (I had moved it to today because of work conflicts). So, I basically decided to say “screw work” and moved it back to Friday. So the u/s will be on day 4 (well, 3.5) so hopefully it won’t be as humiliating!

Question for you — do you ladies “groom” more for appointments, or do you like to go natural?


7 Responses to “u/s postponed”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I hope that all is “clear” for the appointment!

    As far as grooming goes…I don’t groom for my OB/Gyn. I have a feeling I will be pretty clean cut for my HSG, though. It’s only because I’ve never met whoever will be doing the procedure. First impressions are everything! (yeah right! they’ve seen it all!)

  2. Jenny Says:

    I groom slightly but nothing major! Especially my legs lol

  3. Heather Says:

    I used to…but I just don’t care anymore. To be at my 8:30 appointment, I have to leave at least by 6:30 – and I would rather sleep than get up so damn early…I shave the night before, but not bald like I used to.

  4. Trace Says:

    I groom. Not like it makes a difference. I think those nurses must see SO much worse.

  5. swim Says:

    I groom. I know they see all kinds of things as my clinic does thousands of cycles a year but it makes me feel confident.

  6. Ashley Bass Says:

    I will shave my legs, but that is about it! I just don’t care. Too much work involved… lol Like pp said, I am sure they have seen worse!

  7. Kona Says:

    Ha ha! Funny question. I know medical professionals have seen it all, but I am one that grooms before appts. Nothing fancy, just spruce things up a bit to be presentable. It makes *me* feel better. LOL!

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