So. Not. Fair.

These are the kind of people that have kids:

And I can’t.


9 Responses to “So. Not. Fair.”

  1. giantspeedbump Says:

    My thoughts exactly when I saw it on the news last night. One of the sickest things I’ve ever heard.

  2. Trace Says:

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought that if I was homeless, a drug addict, an alcoholic, a child abuser, etc. etc. I’d get pregnant easily. I read articles like the one you cited and I become FURIOUS.

  3. swim Says:

    OMG… I read that yesterday and was sick.

  4. yodasmistress Says:


  5. Pamela Jeanne Says:

    Turned my stomach and got me riled up, too!

  6. wishingbee Says:

    omg… that’s so terrible… I can’t even imagine!

  7. Heather Says:

    I cried when I read that yesterday. I thought the same thing. It is all so unfair.

  8. Ashley Bass Says:

    Yea, that happened where I live. :[ It is so horrible. The moms comment on the news yesterday was…”I thought he was taking them to sell them for drugs.” LIKE THATS BETTER?!

  9. Kim Says:

    I heard about that… and I’m still sick about it. It really makes me wonder where God is when these things happen.

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