Our power is out. It went out at 9am yesterday and the power company has no idea when it will be back. A giant redwood tree fell down during a big storm and took all the power lines with it. I was at work yesterday until about 5pm, thinking it would be back any minute, but no such luck. TW went into our storage and got out the camping equipment – a fluorescent lantern and a propane stove. He thinks it is fun to “camp out” in the house. Me…NOT SO MUCH! I learned one thing: I would make a horribly unhappy Amish girl. No TV, no computer, no hair dryer…I feel like I can’t do anything! Needless to say we didn’t last too long. We got some ice and took the food out of the fridge and put it in a cooler but I am pretty sure we will be tossing it all pretty soon. What a waste! We have no hot water, which really sucks. So after suffering through most of the day we packed up some stuff (including laundry) threw the dog in the car and went to my FIL’s house. He is a Godsend. So I am sitting here on his computer, doing laundry, and we are charging our cell phones, laptops, etc. I took a hot shower and it was heaven!

TW is leaving on a trip on Monday morning for FIVE days. I hope, hope, hope that the power comes back before he leaves. It is really creepy being in a dark house. My FIL said I could stay with him but I feel weird if TW isn’t with me. Is that lame? Anyway, we will stick around  until late this evening before going home.

Yesterday my puppy had surgery for his hernia. Poor baby. He was SO uncomfortable. He paced the whole night because he couldn’t sit or lie down without yelping in pain. So he just wandered the house, around and around. I felt so awful for him I barely slept either. Finally at about 6am he began to feel a little better and got on the bed and crashed out for a bit. Today he tried to jump up on me to say hi and yelped! Maybe this will cure his jumping obsession. Poor little one, it is so awful watching him gingerly walking around, carefully SLOWLY lying down. He seems kind of depressed. I wonder why the vet doesn’t give pain meds…I realized that I have never gotten pain meds for any dog after surgery, just anti-biotics. Don’t they feel pain like we do? If he is still uncomfortable tomorrow I will ask my vet for some.

So I am dreading the coming week. There are 825,000 homes without power and the outage effecting my house knocked the power out of only 54 homes. So, we are very low priority. This morning we saw a truck from the power company on our street, so TW ran to talk to them. They were not here to fix anything, just to make sure things were “safe”. They said they had no clue when they would get to us. So, without TW around it is going to be really weird without power! I will be bored to tears. I guess I should go to the library and get some more books. And I will be eating out a lot (so much for my diet…I didn’t even start it yet!). I bet I will get a lot of extra sleep, I mean, what else is there to do at night? I don’t want to leave the house too much without the dog b/c I have to make sure he isn’t chewing his stitches. What a mess. I think I am going to have to shower at the locker rooms before work. ACK. What a nightmare! Happy 2008 to me!!!

I am so glad that we didn’t start IVF again this cycles, I can’t imagine being pumped up on hormones, giving myself shots, etc. in the dark!!!


6 Responses to “Outage”

  1. K @ ourboxofrain Says:

    How creepy! Our power goes out fairly often, but usually during the day and rarely for long. It went out during the evening a few weeks ago and was out overnight, and we weren’t sure what to do. We cooked dinner on the barbeque. We couldn’t really read, as it was so dark (and dark by 4:30pm), so we went to bed early. I hope the power comes back soon!

    Our dog had surgery as a puppy. It was supposed to be a routine neuter, but only one of his testicles had descended, so they took all his internal organs out looking for the other (they didn’t find it but two months later we came home from a vacation and there it was — the vet said it was the strangest thing he’d ever seen and did the second neuter for free). He had an incision from his sternum to his tail and was so sad. They told us to use a topical analgesic (they said we could use neo*sporin with pain relief, so we did), which seemed to help (though it was very gross to apply), and gave us one of those cones to keep him from licking/chewing on it. If your puppy is in pain, maybe your vet can recommend something like that? I hope he gets to go back to enjoying puppy-dom soon.

  2. PamelaJeanne Says:

    Oh yikes. We lost power for four hours on Friday afternoon in the Bay area storm and I, too, realized that I’m no good at being Amish either. Wishing a speedy return to your power. Stay warm and dry!

  3. Ashley Bass Says:

    I worked for a vet for six years, and yes, there is pain medication for dogs available. It is actually a anti-inflamatory, but it works the same. It is called Rimadyl. Ask your vet if they have any. It really helps! We use to send every pet home with Rimadyl after every surgery. Some vets don’t believe animals feel pain, so they don’t bother with pain management. I hope your pooch is feeling better soon! I know it is so sad when they are in pain and there is nothing you can do for them. :[

  4. Ashley Bass Says:

    Oh yea! I hope your power is back on by now!!

  5. sarasp Says:

    Eww! Shots in the dark! Scary! Yes, I think the timing was good.

    Hope your puppy recovers well!

  6. yodasmistress Says:

    OMG I laughed at the thought of you wielding needles in the dark!

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