Checking in

I have been MIA, I know. I just don’t have the energy to keep up the blogging pace that I had been keeping up for the past few months. Things are very quiet on the IF front, taking a complete break (and a seeming hiatus from sex for that matter!!!). It is kind of bumming me out. I know I ovulated yesterday but I just didn’t have the energy to make a move over the last few days. So, even if there was a .00001 chance of conceiving naturally, not so much this month.

I am still waiting to hear from my IVF clinic. I e-mailed them on Friday and they got back to me right away, apologizing for the delay. I am supposed to hear this week. I hope they get their act together and write up the final report, explaining what the next steps should be.

A good friend of mine that I met about a year and a half ago in the IF internet world just lost her triplets. I AM SO FUCKING SAD. I just can’t believe it. She has been TTC for as long as I have, had 7 (or so) failed IUIs, a failed IVF and she was 6 months pregnant with triplets from her 2nd IVF. Everything was going so well. But about 10 days ago she said she was having early contractions and she went to the ER. They stopped the contractions and put her on bed rest. I heard from her one more time and things seemed to have calmed down, she was feeling confident that all was good. And then this morning I got an e-mail that all three were lost. She gave birth to one on the 13th and the other two on the 14th. She was able to hold and kiss each of them before they died. It is just so heartbreaking. I wonder — is it even worth going through all this? I don’t even know what to say to her, what can one say?

I am leaving for NYC on Wednesday and won’t be back until Saturday. So probably no posts until then.


5 Responses to “Checking in”

  1. Yodasmistress Says:

    That is so tragic. And 6 months in… woulda thought she was “safe”. That must be so very hard. Poor gal. Sometimes I wish so much that there was somthing I could do to ease the pain during such awful times. *sigh*

  2. Mommy Someday Says:

    This is such awful news. Will you share her blog information so that we can go offer support?

  3. giantspeedbump Says:

    Omg, how horrible. I recall the same thing happening to a woman I met online, about two years ago. There just are no words for that kind of loss – tragic doesn’t even come close.

  4. lub Says:

    How incredibly sad for your friend. Maybe we’ll cross paths in NYC…

  5. Amy R Says:

    I am so sorry about your friend 😦 I think you were telling me about her when we met for coffee; that is just so sad. Sigh. 😦

    Anyways, wishing you a happy holidays and I’ll see you in 08 for sure.

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