I know I should wait…


I am wasting posts with my annoying drivel. I should probably wait a few days so that I have something interesting to say! But I am bored and distracted. So I am going to use this blog to waste a few minutes.

I had acupuncture yesterday and she told me to buy some acidophilis for my yeast infection. I ran out and bought some and started taking it, but it hasn’t helped yet. It is weird to think I am ingesting billions of bacteria on purpose! But it is supposed to replace the bacteria that the doxycycline killed last week. I hope it gets the yeast problem under control. Believe me, progesterone suppositories + yeast infection = wanting to jump out the window.

My acupuncturist always takes my pulses and yesterday she said that my pulses were “hungry” and asked if I had eaten anything yet. I hadn’t. I always wonder when she takes my pulses — do pregnant women have pregnant pulses? Would she be able to tell if I am pregnant before I get my beta? I guess it is moot b/c my next appointment is on Saturday morning and my beta is on Friday. GAWD. The 2WW is so slow. I am only half way there. It seems that my ET was SO long ago but it was at 11:30am last Sunday!

So far symptoms can be completely attributed to progesterone supplements: really sore boobs, bloated, gassy, cranky, hungry all the time, constipated, peeing every three seconds. WOW. I am such a joy to live with right now!

My plan to ask for the receipt from my SIL for PT’s jacket backfired on me. She went into this huge tale (LIE) about how she bought it at this one department store, and that she even thought that the sleeves looked a little short, but that the sales girl said the kids are wearing thermal shirts underneath jackets with short sleeves now, it is all the rage. This department store she mentioned always puts a sticker on the tag so that if the receipt is lost, you can still return it. This jacket had NO TAGS anywhere. Don’t you leave tags on gifts when you give them? I just cut the small part with the price off. My SIL lies so much, she begins to believe her own lies. It is quite amazing. Anyway, the next thing she said was that PT would be getting a gift certificate for that store in the mail. Which was fine! I thought “I WON!”. Then the next message was that my SIL wanted to drive down here today and take PT shopping. OMG. Seeing SIL twice in one weekend is enough to make me gag and I don’t even have morning sickness (yet). I think she is feeling tres guilty that we called her on her bullshit finally. Anyway, I e-mailed her back that the Sunday after Thanksgiving is the WORST day to drive during the whole year, and that we had plans anyway (LIE). She was mad, but I don’t care. She thinks the world revolves around her and no one ever has plans to do anything, we just wait around for her to announce that she is coming and expects everyone to bow.

Today I am meeting a girl for the first time. A mutual friend met her in Hawaii last year when their families were in adjacent townhouses for 10 days. This new friend lives only 2 blocks from me, and her kids go to PT’s school! I am sure I am going to recognize her when I see her…this should be interesting. And the topper: She was IF for years and both her kids are from IVF! I can’t wait to meet her. She sounds super sweet. She promised to keep my IF/IVF a secret b/c the last thing TW wants is for the news to spread through the school gossip mill. She actually promised over her kids’ dead bodies, which I think I can completely trust. 😛 She left me a long message on my cell phone when we were trying to coordinate a meeting, and mentioned that her oldest son was a fighter…her first beta was so low (13) that everyone at the IVF clinic was already giving her condolences and telling her that it was not a viable pregnancy. But they kept doing betas and the the number got bigger and bigger…and she had a perfectly healthy baby. Miracles happen every day.

I hope one can happen for me too.


2 Responses to “I know I should wait…”

  1. swim Says:

    Hi. I just stumbled across your blog from Stirrup Queens. I love reading your blog and will check back frequently.

    The parking lot rant at stupid lady had me laughing out loud. 🙂

    Good luck with your 2WW. All the best.

  2. giantspeedbump Says:

    Hey, I think your symptoms so far sound promising. Pee-ing every 3 seconds is a great sign because it means your uterus is swelling. Have you had any spotting yet?

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