Not that much to report…


The 2WW has slowed to a halt. I called the clinic yesterday because I got a STACK of what looked like bills for ICSI, assisted hatching, anesthesia…when the guy answered I thought it was the answering service because usually a woman answers. I asked whom I was speaking with, and it was Dr. S! He was very sweet and told me that the “bills” were just FYI. Then he made a little small talk with me. I told him that the 2WW was kicking my but. I can’t believe that my transfer was less than one week ago, it feels like a million years ago.

I think I have a horrible yeast infection. This makes sense because I usually get one after antibiotics, but I haven’t taken any in so long it slipped my mind. I am so bummed I didn’t ask Dr. S about it when I had him on the phone. But yesterday morning when I called I just thought I had some irritation from the bajingo bullets (progesterone suppositories) so I didn’t mention it. But by last night I was in pure agony. And this morning too. We are supposed to go to the local college football game today, and TW wants to ride bikes. I don’t think I can handle 8 miles of bike riding (each way) the way my coochie feels right now. Plus, putting more bullets up there during my infection SUCKS. But I don’t know what to do. Obviously I don’t want to stop the progesterone, but this is just hell. I have acupuncture today, maybe she can help?? (Don’t ask me how).

In addition, my progesterone is giving me all these phantom preggo symptoms…really sore boobs, bloaty, gassy, tired, cranky. What a mind fuck.

And to make things even more fun, I did a walk-through at the construction site, and they have framed a wall in the middle of my “open kitchen” that is going to mess everything up! They better not tell me it is “structural” or I am going to have a heart attack!

Highlights from Thanksgiving:

  • I didn’t get food poisoning, for the first time ever (I think my SIL is trying to kill me)
  • We were stuck is so much traffic on the way there that we went through a fast-food drive-through!!! I ate a chicken sandwich, onion rings and a lemonade! OMG. I am a complete garbage disposal.
  • I discovered that Izzy’s pomegranate and blackberry soda can curve my appetite to self-medicate with alcohol, even during the most annoying of all holiday events: TG at the SIL’s.
  • SIL asked us to bring TWO cases of Corona beer. There were 7 people there. One was a minor, I wasn’t drinking, TW was driving so he wasn’t drinking, my FIL doesn’t drink beer. Hmmm. Seems suspiciously like they just wanted us to stock their fridge with beer for the next few weeks.
  • SIL gave us a gift to bring back for PT (her birthday was on 10/5!). It was a relatively cute Roxy jacket, but guess what – no tags anywhere on it. It was clearly from my niece’s closet. I e-mailed the SIL this morning asking for a gift receipt because (I claimed) the sleeves were too small. Hmmmph! So there! I am so tired of her treating us like we are the Salvation Army!

Ugh. When will 11/30 get here!!!


3 Responses to “Not that much to report…”

  1. Kim Says:

    I’m with you on the progesterone side effects. This 2ww is definitely dragging on.

    As for your SIL… sounds like she’d fit in well with my inlaws. One of my husbands aunts gave us a set of USED kitchen canisters IN a BEER BOX. Yeahhhh.. so at least she didn’t give you the used jacket in a beet box, hehe.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I can’t stand those progesterone side effects. At least my boobs get bigger with them so you can’t see my bloated stomach as well.

    Your SIL sounds ridiculous. Every family has one of those, so glad you asked for a gift receipt – I was laughing at that one!

    Hang in there with the 2ww! I’m thinking good thoughts for you!

  3. Pamela Jeanne Says:

    Oh, a possible yeast infection. That must be positively awful. As for the 2ww — who knew time could pass so slowly that sometimes it feels like it’s reversing? Wishing it would speed up for you and for things in the lower region to settle down so you could find some distractions elsewhere!

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