The Name Game

No sleep to be had tonight. Between snoring dogs and husbands, and my nerves, I was up before the crack of dawn!

I see out in blogland that everyone names their embies. I have been trying to come up with some…We are going to have two transferred today!

Greg and Marcia: I was addicted to the Brady Bunch when I was little! However, I always thought Peter was cuter than Greg…

but Peter is my dad’s name! Hmmm. bradys.jpg

Donny and Marie: donny-marie-posters.jpgmy parents had these crazy disco parties in the 70s. They used to pull out their 4 hour long disco reel-to-reel tapes that my dad made, with such artists as Donna Summer, Evelyn Champaigne King, Abba, The Doobie Brothers, and have 50-60 people over for lots of alcohol, hot tubbing and dancing. SCARY! My mom would cook my brother and me some mac and cheese (or something equally quick and delicious) and set us up upstairs in the the master bedroom. We would watch TV for hours: Donny and Marie, The Love Boat, and Fantasy Island. That was usually when we fell asleep. We would wake up in our own beds…my dad would come up and carry us down to our rooms after the party was over. My mom always got us Pepperidge Farm Triple Layer Fudge Cake on those nights. I have such a connection to this cake and Donny and Marie, that I STILL call it Donny and Marie Cake. I get a hankering for it every once in a while, and amazingly it is JUST the same as when I was 6!


I also had a penchant for these funky cartoons:

Rocky and Bullwinkle: 250px-rocky_bullwinkle_tracks.jpg


Sherman and Peabody: 200px-peabody_sherman.jpg


Dudley Do-Right and Nell: 350px-dorightcast.jpg

I am leaning towards Dudley and Nell. Ack. I am really dating myself!

I welcome ideas! Throw them my way!

I will post after transfer. My clinic says that there is no recommendation for bed rest – he says I can do whatever I want, except climb Mount Everest (okay he didn’t even say that). However, me being me, I am going to lie down today. I don’t want anything to fall out.


4 Responses to “The Name Game”

  1. Erin Says:

    OMG – I love those Pepperidge Farm Cakes. I think I need to go buy one now! Good luck today and definitely enjoy your day of relaxation. I had to go to work after my first transfer and that was a bust. For the 2nd I relaxed and so far so good, so get on the couch, sister!

    I vote for Rocky & Bullwinkle.

  2. lub Says:

    I like Greg and Marcia- always a BB fan!!! Congratulations again!

  3. missedconceptions Says:

    I, too, vote for Rocky & Bullwinkle.

    And I totally love that Pepperidge Farm Chocolate cake. Yum.

  4. sarasp Says:

    Somehow I just love Sherman and Peabody.

    Just curious, what did you think when Chris KNight (aka Peter Brady) married reality TV whore Adrianne Curry?

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