Post Retrieval Report

I didn’t have time (nor the energy) to post anything after the procedure. Now it is 1:30am and I am wide awake! I slept most of the day. TW came with me and he was GREAT. 🙂

I went to acupuncture from 8:45am-9:45am. When I got home, I walked the dog for 1/2 an hour so TW could do “his thing”. We got to the clinic a little before 11am … I took my valium at about 10:30. They gave me some happy juice via IV, so I felt warm and fuzzy but I was totally awake. I had the wonderful doctor instead of my regular doctor….which was really nice! He got 7 eggs. I am feeling like an under achiever, because I was certain they would get at least 8-10. But, totally out of my control, I am trying to feel positive. I just keep hearing about women who get 20+ eggs! I was hoping to be able to freeze a bunch of embryos so that we would have a bunch of FET if needed. My friend had 21 eggs harvested but she also had OHSS which I guess is a bad thing.  The procedure itself wasn’t horrible. The most painful part was when they had to push my ovaries against my tailbone! So my tailbone is sore, and my ovaries are SUPER sore, kind of crampy like AF cramps and a little O pain thrown in for fun. I went home and slept for hours and then ate dinner and slept again from 8pm, so no wonder I am up in the middle of the night. 

PT got home from school and wondered why I was home. To my big surprise, TW told her everything. Originally he told me he didn’t want to tell her b/c he didn’t want word to spread around her school (BIG gossip mill amongst the parents). But he was very open with her, about how we are trying to have a baby, and that sometimes it doesn’t happen naturally and we needed help from the doctor. She asked some questions about the procedure and I told her all about it. I am glad it is out in the open now…I am sure she figured something was going on. I mean, I have a million fertility books all over the house, and she probably caught a glimpse of a syringe here or there.

The fertilization report will be e-mailed to me this morning. Keep your fingers crossed that a majority of the eggs were mature and fertilized! I would LOVE to have a few to freeze. But it is what it is, right?


8 Responses to “Post Retrieval Report”

  1. Leah Says:

    Congratulations on a successful and drama-free retrieval!! I think 7 is a great number. For my retrievals, I got 4 eggs, then 5 eggs, then 6 eggs. So I think your 7 eggs are the cat’s pajamas!

    I will pray and cross everything that today’s fert report is nothing short of magical. Rest and take care of yourself, I’ll be sending you thousands of hugs to get you ready for the transfer.

  2. Frank N. Beans Says:

    We were in the same boat. We assumed that since we had 17 follies that we would have 17 eggs. At first we were disappointed and worried, but it is the quality not the quantity that counts! Good luck with the fert report. Hoping for a 7 out of 7!

  3. Chris Says:

    Wonderful news! I’m so glad that everything went well and that you are feeling well also. And 7 is a very respectible number, don’t beat yourself up. Looking forward to hearing about your fert. report. . .

  4. Kim Says:


  5. Pamela Jeanne Says:

    Those organs just weren’t meant to be pushed around. Ouch. Reading your description reminded me of my discomfort. Bring on the Tylenol with Codeine!! Like Kim, fingers are crossed…

  6. Yodasmistress Says:

    I’m glad the PT knows – it has to be a relief to not have to hide it. Also she will have some time to mentally prepare for news that she is going to have a half sibling!

    I hope you get feeling better soon and I can’t wait to hear the fert report!

  7. kona Says:

    I’m glad it went well and that you shared the news with PT. How great that the nice doctor was there. Keep thinking positive about the outcome. Take care & rest up. Crossing my fingers for you & your eggies!!! 😉

  8. singletracey Says:

    Just found your blog and wanted to send you some positive thoughts! Hope you get a great Fert report! 🙂

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