I had my baseline ultrasound yesterday morning at 9am. I told the doctor about my ovary pain, and asked him if it was unusual. He said that the nurse had told him about it and he was going to look for a cyst during the ultrasound. I was a little confused because I knew that Lu.pron is a suppressant. And surprisingly, he told me that the first few days of Lu.pron acts as a stimulant, and then things quiet down after. So he said he thought my pain sounded like a Lu.pron induced cyst! I was kind of annoyed that the nurse had no clue about this. She specifically told me it would be impossible (or highly unlikely) to get a cyst on Lu.pron so my pain had to be menstrual cramps. She needs a refresher course. However, I am still feeling lucky that my clinic has 24 hour service if necessary.

The ultrasound was perfect. No cysts on either side. I love my doctor. He has a really nice bedside manner. When we were first meeting him in the consult, he was all business and kind of dry. But in the exam room he is really warm. He held my foot during the ultrasound and patted it when he warned me there would be a little more pressure, etc. He saw a bunch of “resting” follicles and was happy with how everything looked. He sat for a minute with his eyes closed and then announced my protocol: Lu.pron is reduced from 5 units to 2.5 units twice a day. Then Folli.stim is added at 225 units twice a day for two days. Starting on Sunday I continue the 2.5 units of Lu.pron twice per day, and the Folli.stim is 225 units in the morning and 125 units at night. I also started the baby aspirin, and TW started anti-biotics. How he figures this out, I have no idea, but I guess that is why I paid him the big bucks! My tummy is bruised, I hit a couple of bad spots with my Lu.pron so I had the nurse give me the Folli.stim in my arm.

Last night my friend M came over and watched movies and ate dinner with me, TW was on a trip. We watched the first DVD of the series My So Called Life. This show was on in the mid-90s and it was SO GOOD. It was canceled after 1 season and I thought I would die! It finally came out on DVD and I bought the whole series! I was so excited that I pre-ordered it on Amazon about 3 months ago. M had never watched it, but she has a 15 year old daughter so it was extremely real for her (the main character is played by a 15 year old Claire Daines, as a highschool freshman with lots of teen-age angst). M gave me my Folli. shot in my arm last night. It was the first time I had someone else give me a shot (besides the nurse!).

This morning I did my own Lu.pron shot, but I made TW give me the Folli shot in the back of my arm. He was really uncoordinated and after he put the needle in, before he injected the meds, he kind of let the needle slide back out half way so the meds weren’t injected as deep as they should have been…I hope it is okay! He also poked me by accident in a different spot before injecting me! And he forgot to stop pinching my skin before pressing the plunger down, and he forgot to leave the needle in for 5 seconds before pulling it out. It was his first time, so I should be patient. I should also be happy that he did it, because he hates needles and told me before he didn’t think he could do it. So, that was a step in the right direction, that he willingly stuck me in the arm. And when he was done, he told me he would get better at it. So I thanked him profusely (after berating him just a little bit….I can’t help myself!)

If all goes as planned, ER will be on 11/13. And Sweet Christmas! TW will be in town!!!


4 Responses to “Baseline”

  1. Yodasmistress Says:

    You sound rather upbeat and excited. I hope it continues (ideally for 9 months or so).

  2. sarasp Says:

    Why do nurses never know anything??? It wouldn’t be as annoying if they weren’t the ones patients always get to talk to.

    Great news on no cysts. Hope things keep going well!

  3. Michelle Says:

    I love My So Called Life! I remember when it was cancelled and I mourned also. Glad the ute is looking fresh and ripe. Good luck!

  4. Red Says:

    Yay on the good baseline u/s! I always felt like I had to explain things to the nurse at my OB’s office – there’s just something wrong with that! The nurses at my RE’s office are much, much better. So glad you like your doctor so much 🙂 (p.s. – I loved My So Called Life, too!)

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