The Schedule

I am SO irritated right now. I just looked at TW’s schedule and he has a trip from November 7-11 and then another one on November 14-15. Hmmm. Guess what? My egg retrieval is scheduled for November 11 and the transfer on the 14th (estimates, but still). Guess what else? Those trips are the only ones on the calendar…he isn’t working (so far) the rest of the month! How can I be so lucky! I called my friend A to see if she could come with me if TW isn’t around, and of course she said she would, but I would much rather have my husband there. I mean, if I am going to get pregnant, it would be nice if my husband is in the same room!

I am going for my injections class tomorrow and I am going to ask if I can take two more days of BCP. This would push things up by 2 days and would work much better with TW’s schedule. Shouldn’t be a big deal to start 2 days later, I don’t think?

The one thing that I was happy about was that TW didn’t just shrug his shoulders and say, “Oh well, guess I won’t be there”. He did seem concerned and really wants to be here. The problem is he cannot change the work trips, there is no flexibility – I understand that. So if this is going to work out, I am going to have to shift my schedule by a couple of days.

On the remodel front, I am going to meet with the window dealer today to choose our new windows! This is my first shopping expedition for the house. Very exciting!


5 Responses to “The Schedule”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Good luck with changing the dates for the retrieval and transfer!!!!

    And have fun with those windows. It is so exciting to “pick out” your house. Yay!

  2. Heather Says:

    It makes a huge difference to me if his attitude matches mine, so I totally understand that you want him to want to be there with you. I hope everything works out so that he can be here for it all.

  3. Chris Says:

    It is so hard to plan around an IVF schedule. It is probably the hardest part of the whole thing. You just never know how you will respond and how long you will be in the stimulation phase. Just try to take it day by day, though I do definitely agree with you that it is best to have hubby there when you actually *get* pregnant!

  4. kona Says:

    I hope it works out with taking the BCPs for 2 more days. That’s very sweet of your friend to offer to go with you for the retrieval, but it would feel so much nicer to have DH there, wouldn’t it? That sounds great if you could postpone by 2 days so he could somehow go. It must be tough to plan things around his irregular work schedules. How exciting that you are picking out windows for your house!! Sounds like things are moving along.
    Have fun “window shopping.” 🙂

  5. lub Says:

    I would think that the rBCP would allow you more freedom of when to start your cycle and when to hold off? Have fun shopping!

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