So overwhelmed!

So. I went to pick up my bag of goodies from the pharmacy today. I thought I would just swing by and pick it up. But they had something else in mind. The pharmacist asked me to go into the back room so he could train me…I told him that I have my training class tomorrow but he said it would only take half an hour (ONLY half an hour!). I called my father-in-law b/c he had PT this afternoon and luckily there was soccer practice (I have my days all confused I thought it was Thursday all day today!) so they weren’t going to be back until almost 7pm anyway, so no rush.

The pharmacist went through the whole protocol with me. I got a HUGE brown paper bag of meds, plus a large sharps container. He went over the Lu.pron injections (no mixing), the Follis.tim pen (cool!), the HCG shot (must be mixed – water and powder). He was very detailed and caring. I also brought home 4 bottles of pills: valium (for the night before egg retrieval and the day of embie transfer), anti-biotics (the same stuff that had the mixed messages — dairy or no dairy?), an immuno-suppressant to stop my body from rejecting the embies, and progesterone suppositories. The injectables must be refrigerated so I stuck the paper sacks at the back of the bottom shelf. I hope TW or PT don’t look in there for snacks! I hid the sharps container on the top shelf of my closet, and the pills and alcohol wipes and other non-perishables are in my nightstand. Now I have to remember where I put everything!!!

All the information he gave me is swimming in my head. So. Much. Information. I am relatively bright, and I know that thousands of people manage this process every day. Some of those thousands have to be less intelligent/talented/detail oriented than I am….the law of averages, right? But I am scared I am going to fuck it up some how. The wrong dose. The wrong med. The wrong time of day. We are really doing this. Can we do this?


3 Responses to “So overwhelmed!”

  1. Chris Says:

    Yes, it is all very overwhelming, however, trust me, you won’t screw it up. Your doctor’s office knows that you have a lot in your head right now and you will be given very detailed instructions day by day. Remember that you won’t be using everything everyday. It also helps to remember that though this is your first IVF cycle, it isn’t your doctor’s or nurse’s first cycle. They know how to guide you. Trust in that. You can do this.

  2. kona Says:

    You ARE doing it. Take your time and read the paperwork again if you need to. You will do just fine. I expect that because you are an IVF virgin, it’s normal to feel nervous. 😉 Call the pharmacist or your doc if you have ANY questions. Good luck!!!

  3. lub Says:

    You can do this! Good luck girl! I know that all of the meds are very overwhelming but you will do it. Just think- if you can’t remember where something is, you can read your blog!

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