Side Note

We ended up staying, we blew off the mountain trip. TW has been helping the contractors and decided it would be a good idea to try out the jack-hammer. Yeah, well… he hurt his back and didn’t want to drive 6+ hours yesterday. It was pouring rain too, and on a Friday night the traffic would be horrific. I was secretly relieved but didn’t say anything (I hate doing short trips with long drives).

I saw the sperm analysis results: 5 million per mL and only 1.1 mL. Only 24% motile. That means he only squirted out 1.32 million motile sperm. No wonder I wasn’t getting pregnant! I kept asking the nurse whether they got enough, and she assured me. They froze it for a back-up. I convinced TW that he should still plan on doing it again the day of retrieval if he is around, and he agreed. At least we have a back-up ready to go.

We made a final decision that we are going to do the 4 cycle package. That gives me 24 months to get pregnant and would include 4 fresh cycles if needed, and all the frozen cycles possible.

Oh – I mentioned to the nurse that I was going to acupuncture and she asked me who I see. I told her about K, and she said, ‘OH! K comes here and does acupuncture on the day of transfer if you would rather not go to her office for it.’ I wonder why K didn’t mention this? She did tell me to plan for two sessions on the day of transfer, but didn’t tell me she would do it at the IVF clinic. I will check in with her about that on Monday morning when I go next time.

I had an acupuncture session on Thursday after work (still love it) and asked K if she was a doula. She smiled and said she was going to get her training done soon because it would work well with her on-call gig at the hospital. However, she doesn’t want to advertise that she is a doula, she will just do it for her established acupuncture patients. Something to think about — I am not sure if I want a doula, but since I already know (and love) K, it sounds more attractive!

Please let this work! I feel like I have placed all my eggs (and hopes) in one basket, but it is the only basket that was left, so I had to take it. I am at the point where I cannot imagine that it won’t work. Which on the one hand is amazingly optimistic of me (Ms. Doom & Gloom), but on the other hand, I am setting myself up for a BIG disappointment.


2 Responses to “Side Note”

  1. kona Says:

    Good luck! It’s okay to think positive. The fact that you are imagining this is going to work, is a GOOD thing. I think there is a big faith component to this whole process. Someone once defined faith to me as, “the belief in things hoped for.” I’ve always liked that. 😉 Best of luck!!!

  2. Michelle Says:

    You sound so good! I am envious. I read your last post too and think that we have a lot in common. I too am extremely insecure when I send out emails or make phone calls and don’t hear anything back immediately. My dh also likes his privacy when “making love to a plastic cup” and I like to give it to him. And finally, my stress manifests in my dreams. I will post soon about the most recent crazy scary dream I had about being gassed. I hope you are continuing to stay positive. And I hope it is contagious. I am not feeling so positive right now. Good luck!

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