Holding Pattern…

We are in a holding pattern. I am taking my BCP each morning, TW is taking his anti-biotics. He has two more days of them, then he has an appointment on Friday morning to drop off his “specimen”. I keep bugging him that this isn’t like the usual sperm analysis where he didn’t need an appointment. Since he has to be on anti-biotics for 5 days before doing his thing, he has to do it on Friday. He better not “F” this up!!! I should have more faith, I know. I just get so wound up about things I have no control over. I am waiting for the IVF clinic to e-mail me a detailed schedule of what to expect. But for now, I just pop my little red pills each morning waiting for bigger things to come.

On another note, the most amazing things happened: X called us this morning (at 6:30am, mind you) asking US for help with PT! This has NEVER happened before. I guess PT has a minimum day and X won’t get off work until 4pm or so. We found out last week that X was having PT walk to Starbucks after school to wait for her until 4pm. We were NOT happy with this. In this day and age, a 12 year old has no business walking around. Yes, we live in a safe neighborhood but you hear horror stories all the time. When we found out that PT would be at the Starbucks, TW went by there to check on her. She was with a few other girls (I am totally surprised that all the moms allow this!), but TW said there was a shady looking character in there, with a skull cap and tattoos all over his body. He was probably fine, but still he stuck out like a sore thumb. TW called X about the issue and she said, ‘It is MY week, so I make my own arrangements!’ TW was trying to offer to help – he said he would pick up PT from school and help her with homework until X could come and get her. But X said it was none of his business. ??? I guess she thought better of it because this morning she asked if TW could pick her up from school and have her until 4pm. Much better. Maybe we are making some progress.

J1’s sister brought a baby home yesterday! S tried all the fertility treatments (just short of IVF). They did injectables and IUIs with donor sperm, but nothing stuck. The doctors told S that it was probably her egg quality. Anyway, they moved on to adoption about 2 years ago. There were a bunch of near misses – they are doing an open adoption where the biological parents have a say in who gets to adopt. So a few times it was close but then … they all fell through. They got a call this Sunday that a baby was being born and the original adopting couple backed out. So S went up to the hospital to meet the biological mom, and they were told to go back to the hospital the next day (Monday) to pick up their baby! After two long years (and more if you count TTC) they have a baby! The amazing thing is that after all the long waiting, it happened so quickly, if that makes sense. They didn’t even have a car seat, they had to buy one on the way to the hospital. So they brought the little guy home yesterday. I am going to meet him today. I practically grew up in J1’s house so this is like my 2nd family.

I have to admit I felt a little sad at the same time I was happy for them. The poor little baby. The poor 22 year old bio mom. It makes me sad that people get pregnant before they are ready and have to give up their kids. Of course it is good for people like S who will make a wonderful home for this tiny infant. It made me sad to think that the little boy, 3 days old, was whisked away from his mother and given to someone else. I know he won’t remember anything, obviously, and I am sure he will have a great life. But somehow it makes me sad at the same time.

So, S has to go to work today and tell them — “By the way I am going on maternity leave TODAY!”


3 Responses to “Holding Pattern…”

  1. Cece Says:

    Funny – those are the only adoption stories I know – people finding out last minute that there is a baby ready for them if they are ready. Exciting for them, huh!

    Well – ready to start your cycle? I’m excited to have you on the same timing as me…. when will you start the lupron (if you are on it? I need to go through your protocal…)

  2. lub Says:

    Yeah on the helping with PT. That’s really good for you guys. Keep us posted about your schedule with IVF. I am curious what it all entails.

  3. Pamela Jeanne Says:

    First, thanks for your comment on my last post. I responded to it on my blog.

    And now to you: holding patterns can be so incredibly maddening and ceding control is hard, too. Sorry the BCPs are making you peckish. Like you need a reminder of how ironic they are! Glad PT and TW are finding common ground with X. And, as for your description of your friend’s adoption, it reminds me of other stories I’ve heard. There’s nothing simple where babies are concerned, is there?

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