AF is here.

So, any of those who had been holding out hope (I wasn’t one of them)….AF has arrived in full force. I was smart last night and popped two advil before bed – one would think after the last 6 months of horrible cramps, this would be automatic for me! I hate taking meds so I try to avoid them…maybe this is why IVF is so scary to me. I don’t ever take anything even for a headache. Pumping up my hormones so my ovaries go into overdrive (ovary-drive?) has me shaking in my boots (shaking in my flip-flops).

But, I am doing it. I am calling the clinic on my way to work to schedule the lupron challenge. I am also going to pick up the sterile cup so TW can spank it. He can drop his off early – he says he will do it next week. They are going to do whatever testing they need to do (they check out the sperm to see how to best process it) and then they will freeze it for future use.

I am going to call up one of my life insurance companies and cash in a policy. My dad bought me this policy with cash value when I was 9 years old. The death benefit is only $50,000 (I have a lot more through my work), but the cash value is almost $14,000. This will be a huge help for IVF. I talked to my money guy and the policy is a terrible policy so I don’t feel so bad cashing it in. My parents are also helping out, so I should have two cycles covered including meds. Hopefully we will only need to do it twice….but we can squeeze out the $$ for one more if we really need to. Please let it work the first time!

My anxiety level is HIGH. I feel my heart pounding in my chest, and I have a weird nervous stomach. I have been like this since the consult on 9/19. I am going to tell K the acupuncturist that I need some help with my stress levels – I am sure this is not good for IVF. How is one supposed to relax during this process???

I spoke to a friend of mine from college, also a “late bloomer” in that she just got married a year and a half ago at 35. She and her husband are just starting to think about having a baby, so she went off the pill but they are trying NOT to conceive right now. They will start TTC in a year or so (I told her not to wait…) …This is the weird part: her husband has already visited 3 IVF clinics, and she says he is super excited about IVF (before they even try naturally). She said that IVF is his preferred mode of getting pregnant. Has he heard that having sex with his wife could work? I am wondering if there is more to this than meets the eye…he was married before and didn’t have any kids. Perhaps he already knows that he has a problem? C (my friend) is about 90 pounds wet, and she smokes. At first I assumed this meant it may take longer for her, but then again, look at Nichole Ritchie. Maybe if I drop 35 pounds and start smoking, we won’t have to do IVF.

The horrible part: if C calls me next month and tells me that she is preggo, I don’t know how I will handle it.


7 Responses to “AF is here.”

  1. Pam Says:

    I’m sorry AF showed up. But it’s good you’ve got a plan in place now. Good luck.

  2. lub Says:

    I have a friend like C. I am pretty sure she is pregnant right now and dreading the day she has to tell me. I am dreading it too, although like you, I don’t wish IF on her or ANYONE. I agree that I bet there is something wrong with her husband- why else would he have visited clinics??? Anyway, sorry AF showed. She’s such a party pooper. Keep us posted with IVF- I am right behind you in January.

  3. Chris Says:

    I felt the same way before starting IVF. However, now that I am part way through it it doesn’t seem like such a big deal anymore. I feel kinda like I was a big, whiny baby for no reason. Just go with the flow, enjoy the ride, and hopefully you will arrive at this zen place.

  4. sarasp Says:

    Man, I hate AF.

    And the 90 pounds and smoking technique only seems to work when you’re not trying. Go figure.

  5. Pamela Jeanne Says:

    I’m a fan of Aleve for the cramps. Feeling them big time myself today. I understand completely why you’re feeling stressed about the IF treatments. I clearly remember feeling the same way when we were embarking on outside intervention.

    LOL when I read your recommended advice to your friend’s DH to try have sex with his wife first before heading straight to IVF. Definitely sounds like he has a physical problem or he’s just plain weird. Hang in there…

  6. Eviena Says:

    Hi. Your friend’s DH may have problems with his spermies, which is why he’s going straight for IVF. I think he already knows that doing it the natural way probably won’t work for him. He would need ICSI if his spermies conditions are really bad.

  7. babystep Says:

    Eviena — yes, I am assuming that C’s husband has Male Factor issues, but the weird part is….C doesn’t know it!

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