Irritated….no, BEYOND irritated.

Oh — first off, I was supposed to report on the First Happiness Challenge. I decided to: eat breakfast 3-4 times per week (I am NOT a breakfast person, but I was so sick of everyone telling me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day!)…ride my bike or swim 4 times a week….and walk the puppy (or take him to the dog park) every day.

I sucked at this. I was off to a good start for about a week. I learned that eating breakfast does not make me happy though….it throws me off. Somehow I am hungrier all day if I eat breakfast. Maybe I am not eating the right things? So after about a week, I said “Screw breakfast, I am happier without it!”. I guess that is part of what this challenge is all about — do what makes us happy, right?

I haven’t exercized in two weeks either. I also was great for the first two weeks, biking and swimming. Then I got a bad cold and didn’t have the energy. Then we got knee deep (literally) in crap, moving out of the big house….haven’t had time for much of anything!

Even my poor puppikins was neglected. No dog park last week (or walks) at all. I did take him on Sunday and yesterday. THAT makes me happy. I am glad I am back on track. Although this weird guy told me that my dog needs training. Yeah — YOU need training, Mister! You need someone to train you with a pinch collar they way you are abusing your dog. Also, these two guys were sitting on the bench smoking pot. ??? The dog park is a little hit or miss.

I hope others had more luck with the happiness challenge. I think the timing was bad for me 😦


So, we transferred our internet and cable from the big house to the little house. When we first moved, we realized that the cable company never turned off the internet or cable service! So I was originally just going to turn off the cable in the big house. However, when I spoke to the cable company, they gave me a compelling reason to transfer it over right away — 50% off for 9 months. If we waited to transfer later, it would be full price, plus set-up fees, etc. So, I pretended I didn’t know that the service was working. The CSR told me that they need to send someone out to make sure everything was working correctly. I told her that it probably wasn’t necessary since everything was working perfectly before my parents moved out. But she insisted. So, we had to make sure someone was at the house between 3pm and 5pm yesterday.

Well, everything was working perfectly when I left for work yesterday, I tested it. I even called the cable company to try to cancel the appointment, but they said it was necessary. Guess what. After the guy left, NOTHING worked. I was on the phone for a good two hours last night trying to figure out how to connect to the internet. HOW IRRITATING IS THAT??? If the a-hole hadn’t come to our house, I wouldn’t have wasted two hours of my life talking to the stupid cable people, trying to fix whatever he did to break our internet connection!!!

It doesn’t help that I am a raging lunatic from PMS. AF still hasn’t shown up!! Just spotting, spotting, spotting. No, I haven’t POAS. I refuse.


One Response to “Irritated….no, BEYOND irritated.”

  1. lub Says:

    I’m holding out for you but understand why you don’t want to get your hopes up. Good luck!

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