Nothing exciting to report.

I am 13DPO and haven’t gotten AF yet (she usually shows up on 12DPO). I haven’t POAS yet…probably won’t do it unless miraculously AF doesn’t show up until 18DPO. I have had SO many disappointments, I have the M.O. to assume that nothing is going on. After 16 cycles of temping, 16 cycles of spotting before AF, why would this cycle be any different? If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck…

My temps are still high, but spotting continues, a bit more of it too. I am using progesterone cream from the acupuncturist so that may explain the higher temps. I am supposed to use the cream though 14DPO.

Went to acupuncture this morning. I heart K, she rocks. I like going in before work — it is like I get an extra hour of relaxation/sleep on a Monday morning. I feel like a big, fat schlub – I haven’t exercised in over 10 days. We have been so busy moving, etc. plus I had a cold last week. I need to get back on track! But when AF shows up, I am sure I won’t feel like biking to work or swimming, so I may wait until she is gone. So until then I guess I will just deal with my flabby self.

We are done moving!!! There are still piles of crap all over the house, but at about 1pm yesterday I called TW when he was on his way back from Goodwill dropping off about 2 tons of stuff. I told him I was done. I can’t look at the house anymore, I am not stepping foot back inside. We decided to pay someone $200 to come in and clear out the rest. They can take what they want, sell it, do whatever they want with it. I don’t care anymore – I just don’t have the energy. We stored everything we want for later and moved everything that we need now to the cottage. The minute TW agreed to hire someone to finish the job I felt a huge weight lift – I could breathe again. Aaaaaahhhh.

I am actually anxious for AF to arrive. Then I get to do the lupron challenge and find out whether we can do IVF!!!

Have a great Monday everyone.


2 Responses to “Nothing exciting to report.”

  1. Jenna Says:

    Stop that talk right now. You are only 13dpo. There is every reason to think this is good news. With your chart looking the way it does you’ve got a great shot. Hang in there. Just a few more days.

  2. Red Says:

    Just wanted to say hi 🙂 I’m sure hoping this cycle is different than the rest for you. Congrats on starting construction, by the way – how exciting! We just moved in to our house so I can totally relate to the stuff everywhere – its a mess in here, but slowly coming together. If AF should arrive, then I wish you much luck with the Lupron challenge. I finally finished the injectibles and we’re doing our IUI on Wed. Keeping my fingers crossed for both of us.

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