Triphasic Temp Chart?

As you know, I started spotting yesterday. Also, my temps are doing the drop, drop, drop that they do at this time of the month. HOWEVER, stupid Ovusoft told me this morning that I have a triphasic temperature chart. If you look at their definition, it says a triphasic pattern could mean that you are pregnant. But then it says that many pregnancies do not start off with a triphasic pattern. It also says that sometimes people who aren’t pregnant have triphasic temperatures. Why even bother using this as an indicator of pregnancy then? As far as I am concerned, it just puts false hopes in the minds of TTCers.

So even though my pattern is the same freaking pattern as the last 15 cycles (with never a BFP), now I have this tiny eensy bit of hope that my spotting was mystical implantaion spotting. AAAAACK!!! Here is my chart:


So, the internet works in the cottage! I guess the cable company never turned it off. TW wants me to just shut off the cable in the big house and not say anything. But that means that I won’t have my beloved DVR because we don’t have digital cable in the cottage. But it will save us $100 a month…maybe I’ll see if I can live without the DVR. Doubtful!!

We still have so much to do. It looks like a tornado struck the big house – literally. The walls are ripped off, and inside there are just piles and piles of crap. I want to plant myself in there until we are done. TW has other plans!!! I am trying not to stress. Everything will get done, right?

On the IVF front, I am still waiting for all my test results. I got my hepatitis results (negative) and HIV results (negative). Still have two more test results to come in…but I did call the clinic and they said I could do my lupron challenge before all the test results come in. SO — no delays!! That’s good news!!!

Just for fun – here is a picture of our lovely house. I will spare you an image of the interior.



4 Responses to “Triphasic Temp Chart?”

  1. lub Says:

    I am hopeful for you girl. I agree- the triphasic hope is a crock. Why even tell us about it if it isn’t a sure thing?

  2. missedconceptions Says:

    Did you pee on a stick yet?

    The only time Ovusoft told me I was triphasic was when I was several weeks pregnant. Then I had a miscarriage, so that shows you how much faith I put in their readings.

  3. Pamela Jeanne Says:

    Yowsa, a construction project in the best of times (aka no other stress in life) would be enough to level most people. I’m impressed that you’re able to do this amid preparing for IVF. Glad to hear that all the tests have cleared you for take off 😉

  4. kona Says:

    Love the pic of the house. Are you keeping a photo log of the remodel? That can be kind of fun. The triphasic thing is sort of lame…they say you can have them with or without a BFP. That being said, I had the most amazing triphasic chart with this pregnancy- and it was so hard not to get excited beofre testing because I never had a chart that looked like that. But in general I wouldn’t put too much weight into triphasics- since so many women have them and not all are indicative of good news. You can have a sticky BFP and your chart look like crap. Fingers crossed, though- that it IS good news! 😉 I love to peek at charts for some reason. I also love seeing BFP pics. Call me a sicko, I guess. ;-0

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