A Somber Anniversary.

6 years ago today, the twin towers fell. My thoughts are with the families and friends that suffered first hand through the tragedy. What a horrible, horrible day that was.

I remember waking up to the morning show on my clock radio at about 7am Pacific Time. They were talking about the big airport being closed, and I assumed that there was a plane crash. I woke up TW (we weren’t married yet, but living in sin) and we turned on the TV. There was the image of ONE of the twin towers and you could seem some smoke drifting up into the sky. I kept staring at the screen, thinking – WHERE IS THE OTHER TOWER? I thought I was seeing things….the TV was silent, no one was speaking. Then the 2nd plane crashed into the remaining tower (I think — or maybe I have seen so many films of the incident, maybe I am remembering incorrectly, I cannot recall if I actually saw the 2nd plane hit the tower…) in any event I distinctly remember watching the 2nd tower go down. I was awestruck. I remember starting to cry, imagining all the people inside and the horror they must be living through. I had to go to work. Only 1/2 of the people showed up and we were sent home early. I was fixated to the TV news and radio for weeks on end, watching as much as I could on the events. I couldn’t stop thinking about all those poor people, their families and friends. I couldn’t believe something so horrific could happen in our country. That people hated us so much that they would do this. I was also obsessed with the plane that crashed in PA and the heroes that succeeded in saving the White House. To this day, the images of that day bring tears to my eyes.

I remember even back then, thinking of babies and whether I wanted to bring one into this world, where walking down the street, going to work, just having a day, could end in such a horrible tragedy – brought on by fellow human beings. I realize that accidents happen every day, and that natural disasters can also cause this type of destruction, but this was not an accident. It was a well-thought-out plan to kill innocent people. It just brought me to my knees.

I am the type of person that gets obsessed. I get so obsessed that I almost feel paralized. I feel like I can’t DO anything to help. I am so worried about the world and the health of the planet. The planet that we live on, we are destroying a little more each day. The wildlife that we are pushing out of their habitats, killing for fur, destroying their homes. The stray animals that wander the streets, injured and dying of starvation. The dogs and are abused by their owners. The babies that are abandonned or beaten. The people that are murdered for their material goods. The people that are murdered for their religion or sexual orientation. So much is going on in the world every day that we don’t hear about. The news only captures a tiny fraction.

What will this world bring to our kids, and their future kids? Will it get better, or will it get worse? On the one hand I fear for my future baby. On the other hand, I feel that my baby, and his or her generation (and future generations) will be the answer. It will be up to them to take action and make change. To make a better world. It can happen. It will happen.


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