I feel a little better.

I think that my GD (Gloom and Doom) was a menstrual hormone induced depression. AF is on her way out and I am feeling better. But I don’t like that my ‘baseline anxiety’ has been elevated lately, my heart feels like it is racing and I am not sleeping well. But I definitely feel better than two days ago.

Yesterday morning was Sutter’s first day of “Advanced Skills” training class. The poor puppy…the other three classes we went to were about 1/2 free play and 1/2 training. This class was all business. There wasn’t one second of free play and Sutter was SO PISSED. There were 12 dogs and they were not supposed to even look at one another. If he could speak, he would have said, “This is NOT what I signed up for!”. There were two skills/tricks we were supposed to teach. One was to say a command like, “Are you sad?” or “Are you bored?” (I am supposed to say it, not Sutter!) and the dog is supposed to put his head on the ground, chin flat on the floor. Not happening. The second trick was to make the dog wave. Sutter never got the concept of “Shake” so how I am going to make him wave is beyond me! Even the trainer couldn’t make him do it. He is one stubborn puppy! He was just looking at me like, “WTF do you want from me!” I am really motivated to work with him between classes, I don’t want him turning out to be the class dunce.

Yesterday afternoon TW and I took a long bike ride and had lunch together. It was nice to just hang out, just the two of us, in a leisurely way. It helps to get out in the fresh air and it wasn’t too hot. After the long ride back I had a hankering for pizza. TW wasn’t into it but said, “Doesn’t a burger sound really good?” So then I had a hankering for a burger. But then TW said he was too full from lunch! So he told me to eat a snack and that we would go later. So I hate some Special K Vanilla Almond and then I was full. When TW was ready for dinner, I didn’t want to go! What a pair we make. He ended up eating a can of split pea soup, and I made myself some eggs later on. Oh well. Maybe we can get pizza or burgers tonight.

Sorry I am so boring today, really nothing to report.


2 Responses to “I feel a little better.”

  1. Ashley Bass Says:

    Just wanted to say your pup is turning out to be SO SO CUTE! I hope the classes go better. We are considering some classes for our four, but when do I have the time?!

  2. Jenna Says:

    Not boring! This is life and it’s not bad to have things relatively normal!

    We had Fenway (our dog) do private classes in our home. It was so great to have someone work with just our dog. Of course those were the days when we could afford such luxuries.

    No worries… things will get better.

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