The Big Picture

We had an appointment with TW’s endocrinologist today. I heart the endocrinologist. He is soft spoken, patient, and he never seems in a rush to get to his next appointment.

The bottom line is that TW’s sperm counts, motility and morphology are horrible and the bromocriptine is not helping. Dr. L. told TW that he had a couple of choices…1) to throw in the towel and just move forward with IVF, or 2) to double the dose of bromocriptine in case it may help. I was floored when TW asked a whole bunch of questions and then said he wanted to double the dose. Flash back to several months ago — TW would fight me tooth and nail about the meds and going to the doctor. I was dragging him to go to appointments, forcing him to take his pills, and we were fighting all the time. I accused him so many times of not really wanting a baby.  He willingly and happily went to see Dr. L. today and he had thoughtful questions to ask. For once I did barely any of the talking. He agreed to take a double dose of his meds, and then in three months get some more blood work and another sperm analysis.

TW is really coming around. When I started explaining the IVF process to him and mentioned that  I would need SHOTS several times a day, his face went white and he basically said he couldn’t do it. I ended up asking a girl friend of mine (actually she offered without me even asking!). I told TW this last night, and he said, “I am going to give you the shots. I am going to do whatever you need me to do”.

I think that accepting the fact we are not able to have kids on our own steam was really hard for TW. Especially considering that as far as we know (at least according to the evidence we have collected thus far), it is his sperm counts that are the obstacle we are trying to overcome. He had this naive attitude for so long that it would just happen. And I think he is finally understanding the reality: it is not going to happen without A.R.T. It interesting how the processing is so different between the two of us. The minute we got the first sperm count, I was like, “OKAY — we will use donor sperm!” He — not so much.

So — he is getting the big picture now. And he has decided that taking the double dose of meds is a good idea, in case IVF doesn’t work, then maybe we will have a chance naturally. We also had a good conversation with Dr. L. about nutrition…TW isn’t the best at eating his fruits and veggies, especially when I don’t put them in front of him. I am going to try to do something about this. Maybe prepare some cut up fruit and veggies and leave them in the fridge for some good snacking choices. And I am going to make a vegetable every night with dinner.

Interesting: Dr. L. said that there is no clinical evidence that vitamins and supplements have any benefit. He said it is much better to do it with diet (like adding colorful veggies and fruits). He even went so far as to say that supplements and vitamins can do damage. He then said that people may be even better off eating organic (truly organic) meats and cheeses and leaving out the fruits and veggies altogether unless they are organic too! I am going to do my best to buy organic stuff from now on…I never pay attention but I am going to start.


One Response to “The Big Picture”

  1. Amy R Says:

    Do you think TW may consider acupuncture also?! It wouldn’t hurt but not sure how much it would help also. Regardless though, I’m glad he was proactive at your appt 🙂

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