Cycle 15

I cannot believe I have been temping and watching CM for 15 cycles now. Here is my chart. It looks pretty good, don’t you think? I think the acupuncture helped, my temp shift was pretty good right at ovulation instead of slowly rising a few days later.


I am DPO11 and haven’t POAS. I just saw a little beige spotting when I went to the bathroom. This is pretty normal for me. I spot like that for a couple of days before AF 😦

Even though I am totally on board for IVF, it would have been nice to have a surprise BFP! But I guess it isn’t in the cards. I thought by now I would just be able to let it roll off me, but each month it is still like a punch in the gut. And even though I expected a BFN this month (why would I expect anything else!!), when I saw the spotting, I was so, so, sad. How nice it would have been to be one of those couples who had appointments for IVF and found out they were pregnant the week before. But it isn’t meant to be.


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