Infertility’s Common Thread


I just read this post on Stirrup Queens and had to share in case you haven’t seen it yourself. This is the best idea. It is so true that I walk around assuming that every pregnant lady I see had no issues getting pregnant. But with the number of people suffering through IF, chances are at least some of them have had some problem or other. Go out and buy embroidery thread 814 by DMC and make yourself a bracelet. It will be like an IF secret handshake to tell others out there that they are not alone. I am going to buy my thread and make something for me and a couple of friends. Thank you Mel (and Paz) for coming up with this! (I was supposed to put the icon on my side-bar, but can’t figure out how…anyone want to tell me?)

I have been feeling so left out lately. The BBQ this weekend was really hard. One of the girls there has a 2 year old and she conceived without any problems at 43 years old. She is now 45 with a darling little boy. I feel like there is this huge exclusive club, and I can’t join, but people flaunt it all the time.

So although honestly I would rather be in that other club, since it isn’t in the cards, I will be in this club instead, with all of you. And I feel lucky to be in the presence of such great women. And when I am welcomed into that other club some day (hopefully soon….please, please, please!), I promise not to forget you.


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