Here is a public service announcement:

This weekend I had an interesting conversation with my brother. I was telling him all about the stuff I have been going through trying to have a baby, and when I told him about my HSG and water ultrasound being so painful he got SO MAD. (He is a radiologist and does HSGs and ultrasounds all the time). He said that REs and OBs are not trained to be sonographers. Sometimes they lack technique; they also may miss something that a radiologist wouldn’t miss. He has seen many woman who have been TTC for years…they already had laps and HSGs and ultrasounds, and their RE or OB have told them that they don’t have any issues. However, once my brother does an MRI, he discovers something huge like a bicornate uterus or a septated uterus — things that could potentially get in the way of conception.  Obviously this is a  generalization, but he thinks that radiologists should be doing all diagnostic imaging. He told me that it would be worth it to pay out of pocket for an MRI before having my IVF. (He even offered to pay for it himself)! I am going to think about it.

On another note, I had an acupuncture appointment today – my 3rd one. I really love it. She worked on my back and front, I was there for almost 2 hours. I hurt my back last week and sleeping on a strange bed this weekend didn’t help…my back is really uncomfortable. So she did a treatment for that, and then also for “pregnancy support”. The weirdest thing: I have been superstitious lately and the other day I was thinking about my baby dog Cleo (the one that died of cancer the beginning of this year).  I put the necklace on that I bought the day she died. I haven’t taken it off since —  I feel like her spirit is going to help me get pregnant. Okay, you probably all think I am crazy now! And to make it worse, today at the acupuncture appointment, the office has one of those sprayed bumpy ceilings (hope there isn’t asbestos in it!) and I looked up at one point and I saw a pattern that looked JUST LIKE CLEO’s profile. I kept staring at it. Okay, now you REALLY think I have lost my marbles. Oh well. I just feel like she is here with me. I really miss her. 😦


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  1. Heather Says:

    I’ve never heard that before…but it makes sense. That is their job, they are specifically trained to see things during those procedures. I like to think my RE knew what he was looking at, but what if he missed something. Definitely something to think about – Thanks!

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