I did a very bad thing…

Please don’t judge. Here is what happened, I have to make a confession, and I don’t go to church. So this blog will be my church.

Last night was back-to-school night for PT. PT is with her mom this week, and TW was out of town on business. He told me (not asked me, mind you) that I would have to go alone. I told him I would go but he would have to remind me, because when PT isn’t with us, it is hard for me to remember. It always irritates me when I go to school stuff alone – especially considering that PT’s mom doesn’t even go. I have been to FOUR parent/teachers conferences by myself!!! And it irks me to no end. All I want is my own child, I want to be a responsible mother to MY OWN CHILD. Why do I have to be the only responsible mother to someone else’s child? Don’t get me wrong, I do love PT, but I know the love I feel for her is not the same as if she was my bio child…. PT has a mother and I want her to be the responsible one!!! Isn’t that her job? But I digress.

Meanwhile my neighbor (we have the best neighbors in the world) call me up two nights ago to ask if I could pick up their 13 year old son at their house at 5:15pm and take him to trumpet lessons, and then take him home after. No problem. (Although the mood I am in makes it really hard for me to keep caring for other people’s kids!). All day at work yesterday I was fixated on it; I was worried I would totally forget (which really isn’t like me!). I completely forgot about back-to-school night instead.

So I left work a little early, and drove home to get the neighbor boy — and at about 5pm I remember back-to-school night. But TW never reminded me. When TW asks me to remind him of stuff I ALWAYS remind him. I remind him of everything, always. I don’t know what he would do without me, seriously. So I make the decision — I will go to back-to-school night and bear with all the parents saying, “How nice of you to come — where are PT’s parents??” IF TW reminds me. If he doesn’t remind me, I am going to lie and say I forgot b/c he didn’t remind me.

So I talked to TW several times during the evening, and I was waiting, waiting, waiting for him to say, “OH!! Don’t forget back-to-school night!” But he never did. So I went to the dog park right when back-to-school night started. I got home at about 8:30pm and TW called at 9:30pm and said, “Did you go to back-to-school night?”. I said I forgot. And he said he forgot about it too. So there.

I feel guilty (kind of) but also justified.


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