To.p Ch.ef

Does anyone else watch To.p Ch.ef? I am completely and utterly obsessed. I Tivo it every Wednesday night and have watched each episode multiple times. And even though I have them all saved on Tivo, I still will watch it when they have the marathons on the weekends. TW thinks I am a whack job. I am also a Foo.d Netwo.rk freak. It is on all the time.

Tip to all moms and future moms: Foo.d Netwo.rk is the perfect foil for kids. I have been watching it with PT since she was 4 years old. If she wants to watch TV, that is what goes on. It is totally safe (no sex, swearing, drugs or violence) and we get to learn something together. It also has inspired her to want to learn to cook, and we go into the kitchen together to try making something we saw on Rach.ael Ra.y or Bar.efoot Co.ntessa. PT has even announced she wants to be a chef when she grows up. Well, she actually said a “Chef on TV” so we talked about focusing on the chef part, and if she ends up on TV, then that would be a bonus. Cooking has been a great way for me and PT to bond. Her mom doesn’t cook.

I am a foodie. I real, true foodie. I love to cook, and I LOVE to eat. (my horrible kitchen was the impetus for our impending remodel). I read cook books and Bon Appetit magazine for fun … but I never use a recipe. I read them to get ideas but when I am actually cooking, you will never see a book open, nor a measuring cup in my presence. That being said, I don’t bake – it is too much of a science for me, not creative enough. I will cook a gourmet 5 course dinner but dessert will be ice-cream, berries, and store bought pound cake, or something like that. Or, the chocolate ganache cake a Tr.ader Jo.e’s is really great. The two exceptions is that I make a killer creme brulee (no recipe required), and I can make a great berry pie, but I use frozen pie crust.

Both of my parents are fantastic cooks. I have learned a lot through osmosis. My mom actually had a catering business and I grew up helping her with that, so I basically have cooking in my blood. Sometimes I fantasize about opening a restaurant. But then I watch something like To.p Ch.ef and I realize I don’t have the guts, stamina or attention span. So instead, I just enjoy cooking for those I love. It is soothing for me, something that really brings me down if I am having a rough day. Even after a horrific, long day at work, I can come home and cook, enjoying every minute.

I can’t wait until I have my new kitchen. It will have a 42 inch fridge, a 6 burner dual-fuel range, and an extra 30 inch oven with warming drawer, a microwave that can flip back and forth between convection and microwave, and a wine cooler/beverage under the counter. I dream about my kitchen. I can’t wait!

My future kitchen is something that I have been using to distract myself, I am planning everything now. We should get permits in a couple of weeks. I can picture it: a baby in a high-chair playing with plastic measuring spoons, banging on the tray table. I am steaming veggies for organic baby food and singing softly under my breath. Fo.od Ne.twork is on the flat screen TV, muted so that I can enjoy the happy gibberish sounds of my little one.


3 Responses to “To.p Ch.ef”

  1. Amy R Says:

    I’m such a foodie myself. Your kitchen to be sounds like a DREAM!!!

  2. babystep Says:

    I will invite you over when it is done! You can bring your baby to meet mine! 🙂 (the project is going to take a year and a half)…

  3. kona Says:

    We don’t get Top Chef on our cable package- but it must be great if you watch it so much! 😉 I’m gearing up for that new shows Weds with Chef Ramsey from Hell’s Kitchen. That guy is a jerk, but I really liked watching him “go off” on Hell’s Kitchen. LOL! You will love your new kitchen! Sounds fabulous!

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