I am so irritated.

I walked to the Starbucks and bagel shop today, to pick up a snack for TW before he left on his trip. At the Starbucks was a young-ish couple (not THAT young) with FOUR kids, under the age of 3. A 3 year old, a 2 year old, and then twin tiny babies. It is like these people can’t stop procreating if they tried. I was in line waiting my turn, and I was just STARING at them, completely fixated like a zombie (thinking evil thoughts, I should add). I don’t know how long I was zoned out, but the guy behind me tapped me on the shoulder pretty hard, and I realized that the cashier was saying, “Ma’am? Ma’am?” (which also bugged me — when did I become “Ma’am” and not “Miss”? My FSH is only 5.6!) Anyway, after I got my latte (grande decaf, 2%, 2 pump vanilla latte — yes, call me high maintenance) I walked over to the bagel shop and there was another couple with four kids!!! One was about 5, then a 3 year old, a 2 year old and a tiny baby in a bassinet on top of the table. WTF. Someone is taunting me.

Oh — and to make me in an even better mood, I ordered a salt bagel with hummus, cucumber, tomato and onion for TW. I was watching the girl make it, and the tomato slice she put on the sandwhich was completely green, with the stem end. I couldn’t take it. I said, “EXCUSE ME? Could I please get a better piece of tomato on my sandwich?” She pulled the tomato out, held it up, and said, “You don’t want this one?” I swear I wanted to grab that tomato and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine! I said, “Would YOU eat that tomato??”. She looked at me with a really evil glare, and threw the tomato out. She put another one in that wasn’t much better, but I didn’t have the energy to say anything. Ugh. I hope the rest of my day turns out better.


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