Timing is Everything…

Unless there is Male Factor. We could have the best timing for the rest of my life, and chances are that sperm will not meet egg. I am reading a book now, that my friend K recommended (who got her first BFP a couple of weeks ago after IVF#2): “How to Get Pregnant” by Sherman J. Silber. He is the founder of one of the first fertility clinics in the country. It is an excellent book packed with good information. The only thing that is bugging me is that he keeps saying that married couples in their early to mid-20s can save a lot of heartache by freezing embryos for later use. Who the hell thinks of doing this when they first get married?!?!? AND, I didn’t even get married until I was 32 years old!

I have read this stat before, and it always shocks me: in the “normal” ejaculate of a healthy man, there are 200 million sperm injected into the vagina. Of that 200 million, only 100 thousand make it anywhere close to the fallopian tubes. WTF? Why were we designed this way? So when I think of the numbers and think of TW’s pitiful 3.5 million healthy sperm, it is really disheartening. Yes, IVF will probably be our only hope.

Reading the description of the arduous journey the sperm have to make, it is unbelievable to me that anyone gets pregnant at all. Ever. I spent so many years avoiding pregnancy, and for what?

Then the thing that really kills me is that crack whore anorexic chicks can get pregnant by accident….and then they end up dumping their newborns in the trash like a used hypodermic needle. I live next to a Fire Station, and they are a “Safe Surrender” site. They have this sign on their door:


This sign indicates that women in distress who cannot care for their newborns can drop the baby off – no questions asked. It is so sad to me that a program like this had to be developed at all, but there was a rash of incidents where babies were found in dumpsters, on front doors steps, abandoned in bathrooms…stories like this and this happen all over the place, including where I live. The county decided it was time. I want to take that sign and put it on MY door. I will be a good mom, I promise.


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