We have EWCM!

Get Ready!

Although my EWCM has never helped me, I always get excited when it arrives. It is here! I am wondering if my “Nourish the Root” has helped. This is an herb complex that K (my acupuncturist) prescribed to me. It looks, smells and tastes suspiciously like Mucinex (kind of like a damp horse stable – the smell, at least). My last few cycles, I had what looked to be the beginnings of EWCM but it never got passed the “Rubber Cement” stage, if you know what I mean. I picture the sperm trying to swim through that gunk and it isn’t a good image. Today I have clear and stretchy EWCM. I almost yelped with glee in the stall at my office bathroom! It is funny what can get a TTCer excited, huh? I just called TW to warn him of the impending attack this evening. I hope he doesn’t act like a 16 year old virgin girl tonight. It is an obstacle I face frequently (this was never a problem before we were TTC!). One would think it would be easy to get him to have sex with me, but not so much. Time to pull out the red stilletos!


4 Responses to “We have EWCM!”

  1. kona Says:

    That is too cute! Love the stiletto. I know I have been known to whoop over good EWCM too. But why do our men turn into shy virgin butterflies just when we need them the most? Good luck & hope those sexy shoes help put him in the mood!! Tonight’s the night! *wink*wink*

  2. Ashley Bass Says:

    Woo hoo! EWCM! Get those heels out girl! :]

  3. Red Says:

    Yay for EWCM! Good luck tonight 🙂

  4. Amy R Says:

    Have fun tonight!! 🙂

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