Who….Me? Ashley nominated me for the Rockin’ Girl Blogger award. Thank you Ashley! I am so humbly honored. Ashley was one of my first readers. I was wondering why my stats spiked (it looks like my blog ovulated today)! I read Ashley’s blog daily and if you haven’t been over there, I would highly recommend.

So in turn, my job is to nominate 5 more bloggers for the Rockin’ Girl Blogger award! I am really new to the blogosphere, so please forgive me if I nominate someone who was already nominated.

  1. Heather w/ BigPandMe – Heather was also one of my first readers. I frequent her blog – it is well written and very funny. Her style is also very calming to me. She was the first one to receive and review the traveling DVD. You should check out her last post.
  2. Jenna w/ Inconceivable Journey – Jenna was recently on Oprah, featured as “Struggling with Infertility” along with other 30-something women “struggling” with other things in their lives. There is a very interesting string of posts on her blog right now. The Traveling DVD mentioned above is a copy of the show. If you are interested in joining the club to view the DVD and comment on it, you should check out her site! She wrote a book with her husband called, “The Empty Picture Frame” which is available through her website as well.
  3. Amy R. w/When Will You Have Kids is my next pick. She is my kindred spirit. Look at her blog. We are leading parallel lives – but she is just a bit ahead of me on the road.
  4. Lara w/ Little Beans 4 Me just got some horrible news after her latest IVF attempt. She is a trooper. Please go see her and give her some love.
  5. Zee w/ This is Not What I Ordered is hilarious, and she is an extremely talented writer, going through many obstacles to try and achieve the same thing we are all going for. Read her post called “We Are All In the Same Boat”, it is so real and telling and true.

I hope that after nominating these awesome bloggers, you will still stick around!!


3 Responses to “Who…Me?”

  1. Heather Says:


  2. Amy R Says:

    Ah, you’re so sweet 🙂

  3. Jenna Says:

    Who? Me? Really? Aw Shucks, I don’t know what to say! Thanks!

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