Puppies don’t worry

This morning my puppy jumped on the bed at about 3am and snuggled against my stomach, resting his head on my hip. Usually he is not that snuggly anymore — he was a total love bug when he was a small pup, but somehow he has gotten more aloof. The usual routine is when we go to bed, he leaves us and goes to the couch in the living room. Then at about 5am, he ends up at the foot of our bed.

Being a puppy (a well cared for puppy) is such a zen state of being. I am quite sure he lives in the moment, he doesn’t worry about where his next meal is coming from, let alone what his chances of conceiving would be (if he weren’t snipped that is). I need to take a lesson from my puppy.

So I enjoyed the warm, furriness of him snuggled up against my tummy. There is nothing like it. I felt his warm breath and heard his tiny snores. I imagined his positive and happy energy going straight into my ovaries, priming them to get pregnant.

Yesterday my OB told me that my ovaries looked perfect and that I would be in very good shape to get pregnant this month. She said to try and that she hopes to see me on her OB list in September. I know that the chances of this are slim to none with the male factor issue, but a girl can dream, right?


4 Responses to “Puppies don’t worry”

  1. Ashley Bass Says:

    Yes, without hopes and dreams, the IF world would be beyond unbearable!

  2. Heather Says:

    I think we have to keep dreaming. We need that hope.

  3. Michelle Says:

    I love my puppies too and feel like I wouldn’t get through this ttc without them. The other day as I was crying over a cancelled appt, my older pup (6 months) snuggled up to me and kissed my face. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them.

  4. babystep Says:

    Hi Michelle, puppies are the best. I stare into my puppy’s eyes and I feel like he has an old soul. He is my rock (sad that I can’t always say that about TW). He knows when I need him. He can’t talk, which is sometimes a good thing. People have the best of intentions but sometimes their words don’t help. All my puppy knows how to give me is pure, unadulterated love (well, that an a whole lot of puppy poop!).

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