Prolactin – Normalized

Huh. TW’s blood work came back and his prolactin is no longer flagged as high. It is on the higher end of the scale (17.7) – the reference range is 1.61 – 18.77 – but it is still considered normal. His prior result was 28.9. So, the Bromocriptine seems to have made a difference. You know? This really pisses me off. Supposedly a lower prolactin level was going to make his sperm pretty and healthy and strong and populous. WTF? I was hoping his prolactin would be the same because then Dr. L would tell us to try a higher dose. I wonder what Dr. L will say. I think I can take a guess: “Have you thought about IVF?”


6 Responses to “Prolactin – Normalized”

  1. Ashley Bass Says:

    So since his prolactin levels are better, this means his sperm count and such should be better, right? Are they going to do a follow-up s/a now? Well, anyhow, it seems you have allready made the decision for the IVF. So maybe this will just make you feel better about your decision to go ahead with it instead of waiting.

  2. Amy R Says:

    My question as well. I hope they do indeed do a follow up SA to see how things are looking. I would hope then that you would be one of those girls who gets her magical BFP right before IVF!! 🙂

  3. babystep Says:

    Hi ladies,
    Actually the S/A that he did last week was the follow-up S/A to see if the meds were working – I posted the numbers when we got them (in the post called “Sperm Count Unchanged”). After looking at those S/A results, Dr. L told him he really should have had the blood test months ago to see if his prolactin levels were normalized. And this blood test proved — the prolactin meds HAVE lowered his prolactin levels, but unfortunately the sperm haven’t improved at all. 😦

  4. Amy R Says:

    Oh 😦 Thats too bad; I’m sorry 😦 IF and the associated causes just stinks.
    Well, so far it looks like you have a plan, so I am glad that you are moving right along in that direction!

  5. Ashley Bass Says:

    I am sorry, too. :\ Have you tried getting him to take some supplements, like Zinc. I was recommended to put my hubby on this. He has been taking it since his last s/a. He is do for another s/a next month, so we will see if maybe it helped some. Just a thought… It still wouldn’t hurt for him to be taking a multi-vitamin for just general health anyway! They have the fertility blend vitamins you can purchase.

  6. babystep Says:

    You know, Dr. L was opposed to having TW take the supplements and the prolactin meds at the same time. TW was taking Fertility Blend (by recommendation from my RE) for 3 months prior to seeing Dr. L. After 3 months of the Fertility Blend, his sperm counts remained terrible (which was why my RE told us to schedule an appointment with an Endo doctor for TW). Dr. L said that there was no clinical evidence that the Fertility Blend supplement works! Of course TW quit taking them that day b/c he absolutely hated them.

    I agree that TW should be on a multi so when we see Dr. L on 9/5 I am definitely going to ask about that. TW won’t listen to me, but when a doctor says the exact same thing, then the advice is golden. (Well, I can’t really blame him, I didn’t go to med school…but sometimes I feel like I should have an honorary degree in RE from all the reading I have done!)

    I will post about our experience with the urologist – THAT was a real treat (NOT!)

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